Cabrillo-San Pedro Harbor
33°72.21'N - 118°28.24''W
San Pedro, California USA

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The Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor is the second largest breakwater harbor in the world.  This includes San  Pedro also known as the Port of Los Angeles - the Los Angeles harbor officially known as WORLDPORT LA, Wilmington, Cabrillo Beach  and a big part of Terminal Island in the western end of San Pedro Bay, the Port of Long Beach and  Shoreline Marina in the middle and Naples, the Stadium area and the Los Alamitos Marina in the eastern section.  More cargo moves through these ports than any other in the United States.  More cruise ship passengers board here than in any other West Coast port.   In addition, it is also home to both commercial and sport fishing fleets, pleasure craft, marinas and various Yacht Clubs. 

San Pedro-Cabrillo-Wilmington has 16 marinas (and all but 2 provide for liveaboards) fuel docks, marine equipment and supply stores, chandleries, dry docks, and repair facilities.  Boats and yachts are available for charter. Temperate weather and constant winds allow sailing the year around. In fact, one of the windiest places on the Southern California coast is "Hurricane Gulch", just outside of the Cabrillo Marina.  Both Catalina and the Channel Islands are within a day's sail, as are the harbors south to Dana Point and north to Marina Del Rey.



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