Avalon Harbor - Boating Facilities
33░20.9'N - 118░19.5'W
Avalon, California USA

Shore Boats run year-round at Avalon with longer hours during the summer and can be hailed on Channel 9, three short air horn blasts or a flashlight at night.  The one-way fee for the inner harbor is 4 bucks, $4.50 for the outer harbor.  Do remember to ask for the time of the last boat if you're planning on closing down the town.  AVALON BAY SHOREBOATS, P O Box 797,  Avalon 310-510-0409

Dinghy Docks:  In the summertime, there are numerous dinghy docks available including the ones directly off the main pier and one over by the Catalina Island Yacht Club for dinghies 14 feet and under.  A long painter is a good idea as the docks can get crowded and yours may be out a couple of rows.  And don't leave your dinghy for more than 72 hours, you'll get ticketed.  In the wintertime, only the pier dinghy docks are available and be aware when on shore during Santa Ana season that the docks will be pulled if weather conditions warrant which makes it really difficult to get back to the boat.

Catalina Harbor Department  VHF Channel 9  Phone - 310/510-2683
US Coast Guard/LB  VHF Channel 16  310/980-4445
US Coast Guard/SD  VHF Channel 16   619/295-3121
Marine Operator/San Pedro  VHF Channel 24 & 26
Avalon Harbormaster  VHF Channel 16, then 12 310/510-0535
Shoreboats  VHF Channel 9
Head Pumpers  VHF Channel 68  310/510-3215
Trash Pick Up is available once a day in the wintertime, usually in the morning and twice a day on all weekends and in the summer.  Place bagged trash on the bow of your boat and it will be picked up.  In Avalon, as with the rest of Catalina Island,  please separate aluminum, glass and plastic from the rest of the trash and use sturdy plastic bags.  Bags may be obtained from the pick up boat.
Pump Out:  Sooner or later, the Harbor Patrol will pull along side your boat and ask for permission to come aboard.   They are not checking out your women, guys, they're putting a dye tab in your head. Avalon is a "NO DISCHARGE" harbor and they mean it.   The pump-out is located near the Casino on the west side of the harbor.  If you do pump overboard, the water and your boat will turn a lovely color and you will be fined and asked to leave and not to return, EVER or what seems like forever if you want to come again in the next year.  
Pump Out Service is available by Head Pumpers who come out to your boat.  They can be reached
310 292 1226
Water is available at the fuel dock and the pump out dock.
Ice is available on the Shoreboat Float, fuel dock, the Casino Way Showers, the grocery stores, the sundries store and maybe your neighbor!
Showers and Restrooms are available at the Casino Way Shower across from the Tuna Club.  This is a "tended" facility meaning there is someone on duty to sell you tokens, toothbrushes and razors and rent you towels.  Plan your shower trip well, they can get extremely crowded right before the dinner hour and sometimes around 0800.   You can also get your laundry done here or pick up ice.  There are open-air beach showers and restrooms on the pier that are open 24 hours a day.
Casino Way Showers Shower Hours

Winter Hours

Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday
Friday 0700-0900

Diesel Fuel and Gas
are available at the fuel dock below the Casino.  Open from 7 am to 6 pm in the summer and 8-10 and 2-4 Monday thru Friday and 8-4 on weekends during the winter.  The Casino Dock Cafe makes some mean fries!. 
Customer Service Call us at 1-310-510-0046  Hail a sales person on your radio during regular business hours Channel #4

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