Avalon Harbor - Things to See and Do
33░20.9'N - 118░19.5'W
Avalon, California USA

One of the nice things about Avalon is that there doesn't have to be anything to do until you want to do something and then there's an seemingly endless list of things to see and do! Some of our favorites have been:

Casino and harborA visit to the Casino, which is a must at least once.  Completed in 1929, it was made entirely of poured concrete and is an excellent example of art deco.  The Casino houses a beautiful movie theater, a ballroom up about 12 stories encircled by an outdoor promenade with spectacular views and the museum.

Casino theater muralsA movie at the Casino theater and even if its a lousy flick, the murals and sound system are worth the price of admission and so is the popcorn.

Monument walkA hike up to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens.  Come on guys, it's only 1.7 miles up there and it'll be all down hill on the way home.   You'll pass the Golf Course, the Stables, the Ball Field, the abandoned bird sanctuary that has some great tile work and the campground.   There is also an informative Nature Center that gives you some idea of just what you're looking at. Hours are 0800 to 1700.

Or a hike up to the Carillon, that's the bell chime that goes off every 15 minutes and is located on the western hillside above the town.  It was donated to the town in 1926 by Mrs. Wrigley and the chimes will either drive you nuts or always be a part of Avalon.

Avalon bungalow......2 cats in the yardOr keep to the flatlands and walk around town.  There are some interesting buildings dating back to the 30's and even more interesting street signs, like the one banning turkeys!  Or, visit the Santa Catalina Island Interpretive Center which covers the whole venue of interesting stuff about the island from the sea surrounding it to the air above it!

Fun way to travel.....Back asea, there's the typical tourist stuff that always a hoot, like the Famous Glass-Bottom Boats, the Parasail Ride, the Submersible and Jetskis!  Or try the dive park area off the point.  Or go fishing, or snorkeling or swimming.  Or go back ashore and play golf or ride a bike or rent a golf cart or take an inland bus tour or play miniature golf or watch the cruise ships come in or walk on the beach either in town or stroll over to Descanso or go get a cold beer and a window seat at the Blue Parrot and watch everybody else doing something!   


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