Isthmus Harbor -Catalina Island
Boating Facilities

33░26.8'N - 118░29.3'W
Avalon, California USA

So you want more than beautiful weather, warm water and the peace and serenity of a Cove sunrise!  You asked for it, they've got it.

There is a new pier at the Isthmus and it is great.  There are also restroom facilities and showers available at the Isthmus. Who can forget the wonderful feeling of  finally washing off day-old salt spray in a warm shower in the old building!   Well, that's a memory now, the facility has been renovated and still accepts all the quarters you can feed it.  There are laundry facilities available if you really feel the urge. And there are small lockers available.

Forgot the truffles?  Well, you may not find them at the General Store but you'll surely find something to substitute!  Can't guarantee what it may be but the store is open year round and supplies water and ice as well as stock grocery items, lantern mantles, fishing tackle and neat souvenirs!  The General Store also stocks some general boating hardware. For heavier duty items, check with the Two Harbors Parts & Supply Warehouse. And there is now an ATM machine!

There is Trash Service at the Isthmus once a day via the "Salad Bowl" an d like the rest of Catalina, aluminum, glass and plastic must be separated from the rest of the trash.   If you can handle it, take your trash back to the mainland with you.

Dinghy Docks are located on the west side of the pier and limited to dinghies 13 feet and under.    A long painter line is a good idea as dinghies can get to be three or four deep.  It's okay to unload passengers on the pier but make it quick, both shoreboats and the Harbor Patrol use the pier.

Shoreboats run daily in the summertime from 0700 until the bar closes and make trips as far away as Emerald Bay.  Contact them on Channel 9, with a flashlight at night or 3 toots on your airhorn during the day.  Smile at these guys, they like it.

A dive shop, kayak rental, general store, ice and water service, sunset cruise, fishing charters and church services are also available.

The fuel dock is on the end of Isthmus pier and supplies gasoline, diesel and outboard fuel.
It is open year round from 0800 to 1630 with extended hours during the summer.  Water and propane are also available.

The Two Harbors area is run by the Catalina Cove and Camp Agency with offices both at Isthmus Cove and in Avalon.  They can be reached at 1/800/785-8425, at Post Office Box 5044-I, Two Harbors, CA 90704-5044, e-mail at or on Channel 9.  Check out the West End Cruising Club if you go there a lot.


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