Isthmus Harbor -Catalina Island
33░26.8'N - 118░29.3'W
Two Harbors, California USA


Obviously, this has got to be a good place to see things, babes in bikinis, sunrises and sunsets, starry skies, sunlight dancing on the water.   But, golly gee, hon, can't we do something!

Okay, let's go for a walk.  Cat Harbor is just up the road a half a mile.  On the way, stop by the old school house and the barracks building that housed Union Army soldiers guarding against gunrunning during the Civil War.  Farther down the road, look to the west and see if the swing is still on the big tree.  Its fun for both kids and big people, especially after one of DeWitt's "Buffalo Milks".

Or walk up to the Banning House Lodge built by the Banning Brothers in 1910 to spend long summer days in, sipping "sasspirilla".   Perhaps make plans for a night ashore next time you're over, say for a special, romantic occasion.  The house has been renovated into a lovely bed and breakfast with continental breakfast and some dinner service, private baths and spectacular views.

Really want to walk!  Contact the Catalina Conservancy for Hiking and Inland Camping permits.

Too much thinking?  Check with Visitors Services for guided tours and bus trips into the center of the Island.

Enough walking?   Unload those mountain bikes you hauled over and put them to use.  There is a great series of trails running around the cove with some great views.

Hot and "glowing" after all that exercise?  Could be time for a swim.  Harbor Reefs is a great spot for diving and a quick ride by dinghy in most any direction will bring you rocky shore areas that are great for snorkeling.  Watch the swell surge and grab something to float on and give those tired muscles a break.

Rent a kayak and go paddle around for an hour, half the day or even the whole day.  Especially fun and peaceful if HE likes to drive the dinghy ALL the time and at speeds that rattle your teeth.  Don't know how?  Not to worry, lessons are available.  Check with the folks who rent all levels of kayaks or the Visitors Services.

So, SHE's out paddlin' around with Mother Nature!  Now's the time to get that BIG one.  But you think she might get the wrong idea when she returns to the mooring and finds the boat gone!  Charter one with a captain who knows where the marlin, halibut, Yellow Tail and beer are and go get 'em! It's getting late, you're both back on the boat, freshly showered, she's calm, he's happy.   Pop open that Merlot, grill that fish steak and watch the Sunset Cruise glide out of the harbor on it's way along the coast.  Maybe tomorrow...



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