Channel Islands Navigation 
34°09.4'N - 119°13.6'W
Oxnard, California 


This is for information only and in no way be used for Navigation, Check your Charts!
Channel Island Harbor is located 5.8 miles southeast of Ventura Harbor and 1 mile northwest of Port Hueneme. There is a privately maintained lighted buoy about 1.1 nm west of the striped 209 foot stack that is .6 nm north of Mandalay Beach with a flashing red light atop the stack.  About .3 nm east of the the lighted buoy are 3 or 4 mooring buoys for the submarine pipeline running from shore.
There may be shoaling to the southeast of the south jetty at any time. Exercise care when approaching the harbor from the South, especially at night.  The entrance is between two jetties, protected by an offshore breakwater,  both lighted, turns to the north and continues to a "Y" with both resulting channels ending at bridges that separate the main harbor from the "resident" docks.  In December 1994, the controlling depth was 18 feet (19 feet at midchannel) in the entrance channel. A 147*51' - 327*51' measured nautical mile is off the breakwater and beach just N of the harbor entrance.  The S range is marked by the breakwater S light and the S jetty light.  The N range is marked by less visible poles on the beach.
There is a fog horn on the seaward end of the south jetty.

These maps are only for your general information
and in no case should be used for navigation!


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