Dana Point Navigation & Courses
Dana Point Harbor
33░27.4'N - 117░41.4'W

This is only for your general information
and in no case be used for navigation! 
Dana Point Harbor is located 8 miles Northwest of San Mateo Point at the southern end of a high ridge with ragged sandstone cliffs rising to 220'.  Outlying rocks and rocky ledges extend seaward including San Juan Rock which is 10' at mean high tide and about 50' long, is 1020' south of the highest point of the bluff. Rocks extend offshore about 350 yards and are marked by a lighted red whistle buoy. Definitely check your nav charts for accurate details!

The harbor entrance is from the East between two jetties that are marked by lights with the fog horn and radio beacon on the South jetty..  A red nun buoy marks a submerged rock 7' under about 900' Northeast of the South light.  There is also a green buoy off Southwest of the outside jetty light.  When entering the harbor, care should be taken to remain clear of these dangers, particularly during low tides and/or periods of heavy southeast swell.

The last published depths were 14.4 feet (15 feet at midchannel) in the entrance, 8.2 feet at midchannel in the channel that leads west-northwest to the west basin, except for shoaling to 0.6 feet in the left outside quarter of the channel opposite daybeacon 14; the entrance channel to the east basin had a depth of 10.2 feet, in 2002.  There are plans to dredge the entire harbor. 

A speed limit of 5 mph is enforced in Dana Point Harbor. A swimming area, marked by private buoys, is in the northwest corner of the harbor.

Lat/Long:   33°27.4'N - 117°41.4'W
Fog Horn: 1 blast every 10 seconds  (1  second blast)
Radio Beacon:    292kHz

Bridge:   A road bridge divides the East basin and the West basin. The middle span is 45' and mean high tide clearance is 20'.   The bridge is lighted.

Dangers:  There are a number of racing buoys located in Capistrano Bay as well as 2 sewer outflow marks.

There is a sandy shoal in the Southwest corner of the West turning basin that is uncovered at low tide.  This is called the "Shoal" or the "Sometimes Beach".

Also, there is a submerged rock just inside the north jetty just inside the harbor entrance.

Dana Point to Avalon - 243            Avalon to Dana Point - 062         30.5 miles          
Dana Point to San Diego-140         San Diego to Dana Point-320       55 miles   
Dana Point to Oceanside-118         Oceanside to Dana Point-298      22 miles
Dana Point to Newport-300           Newport to Dana Point-120         11 miles
Dana Point to Long Beach-290       Long Beach to Dana Point-290    28 miles

Again, this is for general purposes and in NO case should any of the above information be used for navigation!  Charts are available everywhere and you should use them.


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