Dana Point Weather
Dana Point Harbor
33░27.4'N - 117░41.4'W

The weather is temperate as is most of the Southern California coast. The average year-round temperature is 72 degrees and the yearly rainfall is light, averaging 9.45 inches per year.  We do get a consistent, heavy marine layer, sometimes lasting from mid-May through August.  This is known as "June Gloom' and fog is another challenge to the coastal skipper and occurs when the air flows from the ocean onshore as a high pressure area lies off the coast and a low pressure area is over the California and Nevada inland deserts. As cool moisture is picked up from the ocean, the warmer air at the higher levels sinks, creating an inversion layer, trapping and condensing the moist air into fog and is particularly heavy during the night and early morning hours until the sun has warmed the low air and "melts" the fog.

The infamous "Catalina Eddy" is not a local at Luau Larry's. It is a result of a Pacific High that bends the air flow along the coast south of Point Conception a full 90 degrees south of Catalina Island and can make for a great ride home. Eddy takes a vacation in the winter, but can usually visit anytime during the rest of the year.



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