Ensenada Harbor
31░50.39'N - 116░38.3'W
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Hey, there's more to this town than it just being the finish line for the annual Newport-Ensenada Race! The City of Ensenada has completed a total renovation of Primera, the main street downtown.  Enjoy a stroll down the cobblestone sidewalk complete with outdoor cafes, interesting shops, strolling musicians and street vendors. The malecon (harbor boardwalk) renovation was completed last year and provides a beautifully landscaped walk along the harbor front to the Ventana Del Mar Plaza with its huge Mexican flag.  From there, you can look across the rio at the new small craft harbor nestled in the middle of the new cruise ship docks.  It will be interesting to watch the progress on this new endeavor. The story is that in order to expand the cargo port on the north side of the harbor, the developers had to relocate the passenger ships' dock and provide some type of recreational asset for the city.  It looks to be a good solution.  Ensenada is also a swell place to take possession of your new boat (more on that later), get a new bottom job for your old boat or set as your destination for an extended coastal cruise,  a fun weekend road trip or the start of some long distance cruising!
The people of Ensenada are trying hard to improve their city, both for turistas, a big part of their income and for themselves and their families.  We have seen improvements which are good, and yet some loss of the "Mexico-ness" in some of the tourist areas.  We have met a lot of the residents and business people and want to thank them for their hospitality.  As visitors, it is our obligation to live up to the Bienvenidos and the Mi Casa es Su Casa that have been extended to us.


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