Ensenada Harbor Day Trips
31°50.39'N - 116°38.3'W
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

bufa-shops.GIF (12951 bytes)La Bufadora -- "The Buffalo Snort"  23 miles southwest of Ensenada at Punta Banda, about a half-hour drive from central Ensenada.   There are actually two things here to see.  The alley of shops filled with every touristy knick knack imaginable and then some, the constant barrage of churro vendors and the smell of open cooking are reminiscent of downtown Vegas before the redevelopers hit it, a street in downtown Bangkok or a swap meet gone Latin.  The other side of the coin is the beauty of the small scalloped bay and rocky shores nestled in the hills rushing down to the sea.  Diving and snorkeling all along the northern peninsula is a rewarding challenge.  Through the vendor area and around the point is the 'blowhole' that sends ocean water and foam high into the air with each incoming swell from the Pacific Ocean.  Worth a trip once.

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Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857 -- The home of Laguna Hanson (the name comes from an agriculturist, solitary pioneer. Richard N. Hanson, first inhabitant of the place in 1850), the park is about 20 miles off Highway 3 to San Felipe from Ojos Negros (km.55). Located in the high plateau country of the Sierra de Juárez, above Guadalupe Canyon, the area offers a calm and pleasant get-away, where, in addition to the beautiful terrain, solitude is one of its main attractions.  The lake is surrounded by pine forests, unusual rock formations and has great campsites on its western side. If you wish to camp, hike or simply to spend a day afield between encino forests and pine and cactaceous scrubs, you may see some deer, wild burro, pumas, cats, coyotes, bald eagles and a diverse selection of snakes. Winter visits are iffy, snow does fall here, take precautions since sometimes the area is incommunicado. Along  the edge of the lake lives the forester and next to his house there are several cabins, some of which are rented; there are pretty places to camp although they lack amenities completely. Few mountains are seen in the park, but those that there are are imposing.  Enormous rocky blocks formed by powerful Earth forces and polished by the abrasive effect of the wind through many thousands of years are abundant.  Throughout all the park are yet enormous rocky crags, capricious and smooth, that are in harmonious beauty with the nature and the landscape. Ten kilometers in before Hanson Lagoon is an fire observation tower that offers a panorama of the park that is a truly beautiful vista. This area is interesting for geologists and specially for mineralogists because of the variety of garnets, quartz, micas, plagioclases, tourmaline, hornblenda and other stones found here. Exceptional crystals, weighing over 10 kilograms, have also been found. A small entrance fee is usually charged.
riviera2.gif (14844 bytes)riviera1.gif (12313 bytes)Riviera del Pacifico -- During the 1930's, this was the premier casino on the west coast of the Americas.  Stunning period architecture and beautiful gardens with monuments depicting the history of Baja.  Not to be missed is the evolving Museum of History recreating the early days of the Baja California colonization, Indian cultures and Missionary period. Open 9AM-5PM Tues.-Sunday. Blvd. Lázaro Cárdenas y Av. Riviera, Tel 76-4310 / 76-4233, 77-0594
Museum of Sciences -- Dedicated to astronomy, flora, fauna, fossils and marine life of Baja California. Av. Alvaro Obregón 1463, Tel. 78-7192

Regional History Museum -- Located at the former city jail. Av. Gastélum and López Mateos
Open 10AM-5PM Tuesday-Sunday, Tel. 78-2531

Aduana Maritima -- Av. Ryerson 1. Built in 1887, this former customs house is the oldest public building in Baja and also the site of the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

WINERIES The valleys outside Ensenada have an excellent climate for  grape growing and a large number of wineries are getting attention in the wine world. Many offer tours and tastings.   During the summer, many festivals are held, meaning large parties, and include food, wine, music and dancing!

Telephone 011-52 (617) 78-3333 
Avenida Miramar #666, Ensenada
Baja's oldest winery, daily tours available

Telephone 011-52 (617) 8-6405

Telephone 011-52 (668)5-4450.
Located in Guadalupe Valley,
outside of Ensenada

Telephone 011-52 (617) 8-3146.
Located in Guadalupe Valley,
outside of Ensenada
Telephone 011-52 (662) 3-2390
Located outside Ensenada in Guadalupe Valley

Telephone 011-52 (617) 7-2221

Telephone 011-52 (617) 7-1484

Telephone 011-52 (617) 8-3939

Telephone 011-52 (617) 8-3333.
Located in downtown Ensenada.

Ens-Hussongs.GIF (22922 bytes)ens-prayermeeting.GIF (15757 bytes)Hussong's Cantina -- The oldest bar in the Californias, Hussong's was originally a stagecoach stop built by its German founder Johan Hussong. Order a cold cerveza and imagine the cast of characters who have sidled up to this bar. On big weekends like the Ensenada Race, Hussongs can be a crazy, wild place complete with mariachis, dancin' fools and a lot of fun.  Or like the Monday after during the "Prayer Meeting" a great spot to reflect on your life, past and future.
DIVING -- There are some good dive spots including Punta Banda, south of town 12 miles, right at Punta Banda signal, at the end of the road. With convenient parking, easy water access and fairly protected waters at Bahia Papalote, Puerto Escondido and the tip of Punta Banda, Banda has one of 2 dive shops in the area. Another spot is Isla Todos Santos about  9 miles from Ensenada Harbor and 4 miles off of Punta Banda. You must go by boat but with minimal currents, visibility is good.

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