Ensenada Harbor Fish Market
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Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Ensenada Fish Market

Fish Market
Mercado de

Ensenada Fish Market Seafood StandThe Mercado de Mariscos in Ensenada is located on the waterfront, half way between the Flag Plaza (Ventana Del Mar) and the Port Captain's office. My first visit was the morning after an Ensenada race while in that rather delicate condition known as "too much tequila". Ricketts baited me with "Ah come on, the fresh air will do ya good and I'll buy breakfast and fix the headache as well". Twenty minutes later, I was perched on a stool , happily munching on the biggest radishes I've ever seen with an occasional bite of warm tortilla filled with flaky, melt in your mouth fish. Ricketts just sat and grinned at me. I'm still not sure if he was pleased that his radish hangover cure had worked or if he was laughing at the way I had finally gotten up on the stool with sealegs and in my wobbly condition. Whatever, the day was saved and we were happy campers sailors once more.   
Ensenada Fish Market Sign
The entrance to the Fish Market itself
tells this "story"

In 1958, a group of people from Ensenada got together with the idea of creating a fish market. After its opening, it has been changing, little by little, until reaching what is now the great Mercado de Marisco Fish Market of Ensenada, a tradition in this port, the northeast side of the country as well as in the southwest of North American.
Since we opened through the year thousands
of visitors, nationals and foreigners have been
with us because we are a tradition, specialists in having and preparing the best seafood of the day.

Ensenada Fish Market Interior

These are photos of my last visit to the Mercado de Mariscos.  I was better prepared, the tequila was two evenings before this visit.....and on a mission.
We needed dinner when we got back to the USA!

In the Fish Market you can obtain fresh jumbo shrimp, octopus, fresh or smoked tuna, squid, albacore, lobster, clams and a wide variety of fish and more, much more.
Don't forget to enjoy the delicious tacos de pescado (fish tacos), Ensenada's "tipical" tacos.

These are available all at the different taco stands around the fish market. Welcome!

Ensenada Fish Market Taco Stand
(The Fish Market has recently undergone a
renovation, and unfortunately the mural has been lost.... but the fish are still there!)

Ensenada Fish Market Herman
I knew right away it wasn't going to be Herman
nor any part of him.........and calamari looks better on a plate than in the mercado....the halibut looked so fine but I breezed right by the octopus

Ensenada Fish Market Camarones Cookin'

on the dock
at Juanitos!


Ensenada Fish Market Camarones

Was it going to be camarones sautéed in butter and garlic................

Ensenada Fish Market Swordfish

or maybe the swordfish marinated in lemon and more garlic, grilled over a hot mesquite bar-b.........

How much do you want?Okay! It's swordfish!  We'll take a kilo, that's a little over 2 pounds.  And for $5! It actually turned out to be 2 dinners of 3/4" steaks, but who's counting! Customs almost busted Juan though when he said the only stuff he was bringing back was a kilo, the inspector was a bit quick on the draw until we both said "of swordfish".

Ensenada Fish Market Map


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