Ensenada Harbor Eateries
31°50.39'N - 116°38.3'W
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Where to Eat and Drink in Ensenada
The bell curve on dining in Ensenada ranges from street vendors to exquisite French dishes served in elegant dining rooms.  Attire can range from shorts to evening dress.  Prices cannot be beat.  Fresh fish tacos at the fish market are up to a whooping 75˘ US and that includes all the condiments you will need and radishes.  They are a tasty accompaniment to fish tacos and we now serve them aboard.  A refreshing treat on a hot day is a peeled mango or a fruit cup from one the numerous street vendors.  I tend to stick with the ones that are set up in on place, not the rovers.  As far as tacos and and other cooked items, that's up to you.  Most everybody I know has eaten street stuff and survived.  But on the other hand, how often do they change the oil and how's the refrigeration.  Again, your call.  A special treat in most Mexican cities is rotisserie chicken cooked over mesquite or other fragrant woods.  Great for an evening out or to take back to the boat for later meals.  And reasonable.  Farther from the "tourist" areas, prices may go down but the prices in the well-traveled areas are very reasonable.  At the higher end, one of our favorite spots for a special evening is the awarded French restaurant, El Rey Sol.  Pretty Atmosphere, attention to detail, both in presentation and service, and excellent food.  For the two of us, dinner, including a delicious appetizer-salad, the entree with fresh vegetable and rice or potato dish, a drink for both of us and coffee came to around $60.  No, we didn't have wine the last time, but Mexican wines have greatly improved and a very reasonable.  All in all, a great place. Coffee Houses are becoming the popular place to gather and watch people stroll down the street, both in the morning for that eye-opener and in the evening.  Many have outdoor seating.   Another of our more casual favorites include:

Tacos Del Sol! 
"We have the best fish tacos in Town" 

Bienvenidos to the very best in town!
Always Delicious!


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