Ensenada Harbor Isla de Todos Santos
31°50.39'N - 116°38.3'W
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Isla de Todos Santos 
31o 49N 116o42W 

Located 8 nautical miles off shore, due west of Ensenada and 55 miles south of Pt. Loma, Todos Santos is actually two islands, Sur & Norte.  There are no facilities on the islands except for two crumbling lighthouses and a fish camp.  There is a good anchorage on the eastern side of Sur, the result of the seaward wall of an extinct volcano crater being eroded and falling into the ocean.  There is room for about 10 medium sized boats with a bottom of sand, rock and kelp.  If there are several boats anchoring,  it is necessary to med moor - setting a hook off the bow after turning the bow eastward and tying a line to one of the iron stakes or rings imbedded in the cove's rock sides. Depth is between 10 to 30 feet.  

photography by Marcos Paulo González Otero

There is usually 80 foot visibility in the water and it is cold most of the time.  During the summer months, we have noted problems with kelp flies but only rarely.  Whales and dolphins are abundant in the surrounding waters.  We have sat and watched the last of the Greys on their migration northbound after Ensenada races.  The Mexican government has established a sealife sanctuary just to the south of the cove, this is definitely off limits.  There are passages between the rocks to the small, rocky cove to the north which has a pathway leading up the face of the cliff to the island's plateau.  The island itself is about a mile long and a quarter of mile wide with steep cliffs on all sides.  As one of the most beautiful coves off the Baja coast, it is important that those sailors visiting the island remember to take out what they bring in and leave it a little better than they found it.  Todos Santos has been the site of many pleasant, fun-filled days for a lot of us and we hope to be able to return as often as we can make it.  Beinvenidos ala Islas Todos Santos.

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