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To sail in new waters, knowing in theory what awaits along the way, while anticipating the reality.  Yet there isn't a book, a movie, a travelogue, a picture nor a guidebook that adequately describes the feel of the unfamiliar winds, the smells of different seas and different foods cooking and different flowers, trees and bushes, the way sunlight bounces off a white wall or caresses a buried shell, the sounds of different tongues and music and the universal laughter of children and happy people and the way that life outside of our own small worlds can and does affect us.  For each place that we partake of becomes a part of us, forever altering who we are and how we treat each other. The memory of the day spent on an un-footed beach may be what saves us after a particularly hard day in the middle of winter, or sadness or adversity.  Or may save someone else when we remember and regain our sense of order in the midst of a crisis.  Or it may just be nice to daydream......
"Tonight's anchorage will be selected by majority vote, or you can pick your own and we'll all convene in the morning.  This is the most protected area of the trip, and considered by many the most beautiful 10 mile stretch of the entire Exuma island chain.  This area is called "Pipe Creek". It features beautiful tidal cuts, snorkeling and anchorages. If the tide is right, we may stop at the Sampson Cay club via the "back door" (which almost no boat can do, this area dries at low tide)." "Your first night stay will be at one of the many uninhabited Cays, 10-12 miles north of Great Exuma. If weather permits, the best choice is an island referred to by locals as "Hot Tub Cay". You'll understand why when we get there.  As the tide recedes, a 12 to 15 foot natural sand bowl on the beach heats up quite nicely in the afternoon sun.  If the seas are too lumpy, there are several other anchorages nearby to choose from."
Exuma underseaThe Exumas are an archipelago of 365 cays and islands, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau and stretching over 100 miles. The bright white sand of the deserted beaches is a striking contrast to the aquamarine and jade hues of water.

This incredible guided expedition through 100's of deserted islands through the Exuma Land & Sea Park gained Outside Magazine's designation as "The Ultimate Island Adventure Trip". Sail 21' Sea Pearl sailboats, exploring the Thunderball Cave, incredible reefs, blue holes, iguanas, and abundant marine life. Camp on white sand beaches with some of the most spectacular views imaginable.

Under normal conditions you are sailing with prevailing winds.

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