Huntington Harbour Boating Facilities
33║ 43.790'N, 118║ 04.990'W
Huntington Beach, California USA

Sunset Marina Park  includes a 276 slip marina, a public boat launch ramp with multiple lanes, boat and trailer parking, car parking areas, a boat repair yard and public picnic areas.  There are no specific operating hours for the harbor itself, but a 10:00 p.m.  curfew law is enforced at all beaches.  Centrally located restrooms and picnic shelters are provided for public convenience. For guest slip and temporary anchorage information, boaters should call the Harbor Patrol office in Newport Beach at: (949) 723-1002.

Peter's Landing Marina has guest slip docking for the restaurants located nearby.

The Sunset Huntington Harbor Launch Ramp is located in Huntington Harbor. Exit I-405 at Bolsa Chica, go west to Edinger Ave., turn right and continue to the marina. Entry requires $7 to feed the machine at the gate. Open 24 hours a day. There are seven lanes leading from a paved parking lot. Two long loading docks makes loading and unloading easy. Engine flushout, only, is available in rear of large parking lot - 50 cents for 10minutes. Overnight (one night) usage is included with paid entry. Additional nights are $5 payable at the office.  After exiting Anaheim Bay, Bill's Bait has a receiver just inside the east end of the Long Beach Breakwater. Try VHF channel 11 to contact the barge for bait and fishing information.  This area is under the jurisdiction of the County of Orange Harbors, Beaches and Parks.  Email them.

Fuel Dock:
Mariners Point 
15922 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: 562-592-4975 
BoatU.S. discounts: $0.05 off per gallon of fuel  Credit cards: MC and Visa
Mariners Point full-service fuel dock sells Shell Oil products, diesel, regular or super gasoline. Oil changes, tank cleaning, and fuel polishing are done quickly and efficiently. On site convenience store serves soft drinks, beer, wine, snacks, bait and tackle. Marina Manager: Scott Lindenblatt 
Approach: Upon entering the Anaheim Bay entrance, turn SE toward the U.S. Rt 1 Bridge. After going under the bridge, look to starboard for the Shell Oil sign and the BoatU.S. Cooperating Marina flag. 
VHF: 16
Hours: Summer: 6am-6pm; Winter: 7am-5 pm 
Docks: floating
Shore side services: convenience store, bait/tackle
The Orange County Sheriff's Department Harbor Patrol office is located within the confines of the Sunset Marina Park at the West end of Orange County. This area was originally known as Sunset Aquatic park. The Harbor Patrol is staffed 24 hours a day and is located in a temporary facility near the public boat launch ramp.  They monitor VHF Channel 16, or can be reached by telephone at 949-723-1003

These are some of the BOATING REGULATIONS for Huntington Harbour:

13.36.010 Towing prohibited in Huntington Harbour. No person shall tow from a vessel in the waters of Huntington Harbour any person in the water or on any object, other than a vessel, except where permitted in a designated special use area or during a special event authorized by the Director of the Community Services Department. (1806-2/63) 

13.36.020 Speed limit. No owner, operator or person in command of any vessel, except a Police Officer, Fireman or Lifeguard in the performance of his duty, shall operate any vessel or permit any vessel to be operated in any portion of any harbor at a rate of speed in excess of five miles per hour, or in any such manner or at any rate of speed which would endanger the safety of persons or property. (1634-3/71) 

13.36.030 Launching and hauling. No person shall launch or remove any vessel from the waters of a harbor over any public seawall, sidewalk, street or public property, except at locations where launching or removing vessels is conducted by a regular business which has the necessary equipment to do such work, or in those areas designated by the Director and posted for such purposes. Any launching site so designated and posted may be regulated by resolution of the City Council as to hours of launching, size of vessels to be launched, types of vessels to be launched, and the method and apparatus to be used in the launching. (1430-9/68) 

13.36.040 Damaging harbor property. No person shall wilfully or negligently destroy, damage, disturb or deface or interfere with any buoy, float, life preserver, sign, navigational marking, mooring or similar property owned or used by the city or under the jurisdiction of the city or any other governmental agency. (1430-9/68) 

13.36.050 Aircraft landings. No person shall navigate on or land on or take off from the waters of a harbor with any aircraft. (1430-9/68) 

13.36.060 Airboats prohibited. No person shall operate on the waters of any harbor under the control of the city any vessel which is operated by mechanical air propulsion above the surface of the water. (1430-9/68) 

13.36.070 Bulkhead lines. Pierhead and bulkhead lines are established for the Huntington Harbour area as said lines are shown or described in the records on file in the offices of the Director of Public Works and the City Clerk. (1634-3/71) 

13.36.080 Mooring of vessels. No owner, operator or person in command of any vessel shall tie up or moor any vessel beyond the pierhead line without a permit issued by the Director except to load or discharge passengers. (1634-3/71, 2924-12/87) 

13.36.090 Time limit for mooring. No owner, operator or person in command of any vessel shall tie up or moor any vessel at a public dock, float, wharf, sewer pump-out station, or other facility owned, leased or controlled by the city of Huntington Beach in excess of the time posted therefor. It shall be the duty of the Director of Community Services to establish such time limits and to post signs giving notice thereof. (2786-9/85, 2287-8/78) 

13.36.100 Mooring of non city-owned vessels to public docks. No owner, operator or person in command of any non city-owned vessel shall tie up or moor any such vessel at a dock, float, wharf or other facility owned, leased or controlled by the city of Huntington Beach without prior authorization in writing from the Director of the Community Services Department. (2287-8/78) 

13.36.110 Board vessel without permission. No person shall climb into or upon any vessel moored, docked or anchored in the harbors of the city without the consent of the owner or other in charge thereof, except that in the event of an emergency, public safety personnel may board any vessel to preserve health and safety. (2374-7/79) 

13.36.120 Tampering with vessel. No person shall wilfully injure or tamper with, or break or remove any part of or from any vessel in the city, or tamper with the lines securing any such vessel, without the consent of the owner or other person in charge thereof. (2374-7/79) 

13.36.130 Vessel tie-up method. Every vessel lying at any pier in any harbor of the city shall be fastened thereto with lines, at least from the bow and stern, and in such manner as to insure the security of such vessel. No permittee, or his authorized representative, shall permit or allow any vessel under his control, lying at any pier to be fastened in a manner other than that set out in this section. (2374-7/79) 

13.36.140 Direct fueling prohibited. No person shall fuel any vessel with any petroleum product directly from a tank wagon or truck. (2374-7/79) 

13.36.150 Living aboard prohibited. No person shall moor or dock any vessel in a harbor in the city for use as living quarters either permanently or for a period in excess of seventy-two (72) hours. The enforcement of this section shall be the joint responsibility of the Community Services Director and the Community Development Director, and their designated representatives, together with any Peace Officers having jurisdiction in the area in which a violation of this section is committed. (2463-12/80, 2374-7/79) 

13.36.160 Abandoned vessel--Removal of. The chief of police, or his authorized agent, may remove, or cause to be removed, sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of any hulk, derelict, wreck or parts of any ship, vessel or other watercraft deemed "abandoned," as defined in section 522 of the California Harbors and Navigation Code, from any inland waters owned, operated and/or controlled by this city, including any public or private docks or slips therein in accordance with the procedure set forth in said section 522. (2374-7/79) 

13.36.170 Docking vessel without permission. No person having charge of any vessel shall make the same fast to any pier, dock or slip in the harbors of the city, or permit the vessel to remain at such location after finishing loading or unloading such vessel, without the consent of the owner, agent, or person in charge on any such pier, dock or slip. (2951-8/88)

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