Shoreline/Rainbow Marinas-Long Beach
33░43.4'N - 118░11.2'W
Long Beach, California USA

Long Beach is a fun place to sail.  With definitely the best and most consistent winds in Southern California, racers have a good possibility for excitement and the more casual sailor can test his or her "stuff".  There are places to go within the harbor, down to Alamitos Bay, up to Cabrillo, by the Queen Mary, to the oil islands and away from the constant ship movement and anchored barges.  If you don't have time to get to Catalina, fool yourself for a night and anchor off one of the oil islands.  With the lights off and the boat at anchor, you'll sleep like a baby. 
Long Beach includes the Port of Long Beach for commercial traffic and for pl
easure craft, the Inner Harbor area (just inside the entrance to Channels Two and Three), Los Alamitos and Shoreline or the downtown Marina which is  located just east of the commercial port.  It is catty-corner from the Queen Mary across Queensway Bay and is the newest Long Beach city-operated marina, opening  in the early 80s.  
The Long Beach Shoreline (Downtown) Marina opened in 1982 and has 1844 slips for recreational boaters. They are located between the Queen Mary and the Long Beach Convention Center, in the heart of downtown Long Beach.

The old  "fishbowl" area under went a transformation due to the expansion of the mole and the new Long Beach Aquarium across from Shoreline Village.  The Rainbow Harbor / Rainbow Marina is located next to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and has 87 slips for commercial and recreational vessels. With a 100-foot long day dock inside the marina and 250 feet of day guest mooring outside the entrance to the Harbor most visitors can be accommodated.  Day mooring is first come first served, with a three (3) hour time limit. Rainbow Harbor also has 12, 150-foot commercial vessel docks. Shoreline Village overlooks Rainbow Marina with arcades and restaurants to please the whole family.

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