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To remove mildew from the interior of your boat, pour two tablespoons of non-chlorine bleach into a spray bottle and fill with water. Spray then wipe. It cleans the mildew away and will help prevent the mildew from coming back.   Windex does a pretty good job as well.

Galley Stuff - 
Polish that brass - with catsup...all those little packets tucked back in the slider will come in handy now.  Rub the red stuff on the brass, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, wash off completely and buff with a soft cloth.  Eventually get around to adding a final coat of polish and you're done.

Stainless - using the same principal, mainly the acid, use either lemon or Realemon© on your stainless.  Again let sit for ten minutes and rinse off and buff.

Sink Drains - one cup of boiling water down the drain, followed immediately by one cup of vinegar and another cup of boiling water.  Bio-degradable and will keep any grease from building up....

Sticky Salt? - Add a little rice to your salt shaker to help keep the contents flowing easily. We also save all those little humidity reducers from medicine bottles for our spices, it sure helps!

Fender, dorade, lifeline and power cord care:
Brian Monteer, All Seasun Yacht Care - I've seen some of you folks trying to clean up your blackened fenders and other rubberized products with acetone. This will get the dirt off, but it also weakens the rubber and after exposure to the sun, the item will probably turn to mush, if not this time, the next time you try this shortcut. While it will only make a mess of your hull in the fender case, it can be extremely hazardous on an electrical power cord! Probably more of a zap than you intended! Try using lacquer thinner (sparingly). It is less caustic and will do the job nicely.

Duct tape and its many uses -
We were "barrelin" down the Baja coast at 7 knots (not bad in a '27 guys, come on!). I was at the helm, my son flyin' the chute and the crew perched in the respective positions when TWANG! "What the hell was that?" I shrieked. "Not to worry, Mom, its the bridle for the pole". I handed off the tiller and scrambled forward, jabbering the whole way. As I reached the bow, he hollered back to the crew, "gimme the duct  tape." "Yeah, and what's the duct tape for" I hollered. "Well, first I'm gonna tape your mouth shut and then I'm gonna fix the bridle". We were back underway in about 3 minutes, but the crew didn't deem it necessary to remove "my" duct tape till we entered Ensenada harbor. Oh well.

Visit "The Duck Tape Guys" or view the "Duct Tape Cam with Remote Pan"

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