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33░57.8'N - 118░27.5'W 
Marina del Rey, California USA

This is for general information purposes and should not be used as a navigation guide, USE YOUR CHART!!!!

The entrance to the marina is located between two jetties running seaward that sit inside of the detached breakwater with a lit American flag that runs parallel to the shore.  The north and south ends of the breakwater  and the ends of both jetties are marked with lights.  There is shoaling about 100 feet off the end of the north jetty and 300 feet off the south jetty.  There is also shoaling the entire length of the north jetty on the inside of the channel.  All shoals are marked with buoys.  A dredged main channel runs Northeast for about  7/10 of a mile then turns to the north for another 6/10ths of a mile.  The entrance channel has traffic separation lanes that are marked by buoys "NO SAIL".  Vessels under power must keep these buoys to port when entering or leaving the marina.  The center lane is for vessels under sail only, both those coming and going.   It helps if those going north use the north opening and those going south, use the south, although the south tends to shoal.   

Another caution is the anchored vessels at the foot of Ballona Creek (adjacent to the south jetty) causing  reduced visibility and extreme caution is advised when transiting this area.

The average depth in the harbor was last recorded at between 10 and 14 feet.
North Breakwater Light: 
 "1"  white flash every 6 sec.
South Breakwater Light: 
"2" red flash every 6 sec.
North Jetty Light:
"3" white flash every 5 sec.
South Jetty Light:  
"4" red flash every 4 sec
Coast Guard Mooring Buoy: south of south jetty inward of the breakwater
Fog Horn & Radio Beacon: Located on the end of the north jetty.  The fog horn sounds with a 2 second blast every 20 seconds. Don't get confused in fog by the fog horn (10 seconds, two-second)  and light on the Venice pier. The radio beacon has been removed by the Coast Guard,
Lat/Long Waypoints (approximate)
Location Lat. (N) Long. (W) Distance (NM)
Point Dume Buoy 12 33 59.60 118 48.30 18
Santa Monica Ent. Buoy 1 34 00.20 118 30.20
Venice Fishing Pier 33 58.60 118 28.20
Marina del Rey S. Breakwater Light 1 33 57.50 118 27.60
El Segundo Buoy 2 ES 33 54.50 118 27.50
King Harbor Buoy A 33 50.50 118 23.70 08
Point Vicente Light 33 44.50 118 24.60 14
Point Fermin Light 33 42.30 118 17.60
LA/LB Pilot Area 30
Isthmus Cove 31
Catalina - Avalon 38
Newport Harbor 43
Dana Point 53
Santa Barbara Harbor 66
Oceanside 81
Point Loma 104

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