Mission Bay Boating Facilities
32░45.5'N - 117░15.6'W
San Diego, California USA

The Mission Bay Park Headquarters port office and docks are located on at the entrance to Quivira Basin on the starboard side about 3/4 mile inside the entrance channel.

Harbor Patrol:  
The Mission Bay Harbor Patrol offers assistance 24 hours a day and can be reached on VHF Channel 16.  The office is open weekdays from 0800 to 1700 hours.

Guest Slips:  
See Moorings, although there are many privately run docks with overnight slips available.

There are a few 72 hour moorings that are protected from the weather are available at the north end of  Mariners Basin, you may stay up to 3 days out of a 7 day period at no cost, contact (619) 221-8800.

Mission Bay Vessel Speed
The speed limit on Mission Bay from sunset to sunrise is five (5) miles per hour. At other times, certain areas have a designated speed limit of five (5) miles per hour or less. These include: wherever buoys are posted with a five (5) mile per hour limit, near bridges, within 100 feet of shore, within 100 feet of another vessel

Mission Bay Boat Beaching
Vessels are permitted to be beached in many parts of Mission Bay, provided there is not a designated swim area or a waterski takeoff and landing area. The north end of Fiesta Island is closed to beaching. It is important to read signs carefully before beaching a boat in any area.

Launch Ramps: 
There are 4 public launch ramps that are open 24 hours.
Dana Landing is located near the south end of the South Ingraham Bridge.  There are overnight accommodations and rental slips.  Amenities include fuel, ice, restaurant and bait.  
De Anza Cove Public Ramp is located in the northeast corner of the bay, just off East Mission Bay Drive. Amenities include picnic areas, swimming and water skiing areas and a float. 
Santa Clara Point Public Ramp is located on the west side of the bay off Santa Clara Place.  Amenities include ice, groceries, picnic areas, water skiing. 
Ski Beach Public Ramp is located on the east side of Vacation Isle.  Amenities include restrooms, picnic area and water skiing.  

Boaters' Facilities:
Pump Out Stations:  Quivira Basin at Marina Village and the Islandia Hotel Fuel Dock

Fuel Docks:
  There is fuel available at Quivura Basin, Dana Landing, the Islandia Hotel Fuel Dock, all with both diesel and gasoline.

Supplies:  There is ice, bottled gas and supplies available at Quivura Basin.


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