Mission Bay Navigation
32░45.5'N - 117░15.6'W
San Diego, California USA

Navigation Information:   
This is for information only and in no case be used to navigate

There are two jetties at the entrance to Mission Bay that are lighted and are 5.5 miles north of Point Loma and .3 miles north of the Ocean Beach pier.  There is a U.S. Navy platform northwest 1 mile. The Sea World tower is 338 feet and is lighted 1.8 miles east of the entrance. There is a dredged channel leading to the bay with the entrance to Mariners Basin about a mile inside the entrance on the port side and the entrance to Quivura Basin on the starboard.  At 1.3 miles inside there is a bridge between Ventura Point and Sunset Point with a reported clearance of 38 feet.  The bay has a number of islands, Vacation Isle directly inside the bay and linked by two bridges, reportedly, the south having a clearance of 24 feet and the north clearing by 29 feet.  Fiesta Island to the east is connected to the mainland.

Fog Horn:  Located on the Ocean Beach pier, the north jetty and the Navy platform.

Anchoring in Mission Bay
Overnight anchoring is permitted only in Mariners Basin and is limited to 72 hours. Long term moorings are available for a fee.

Special Use Areas
Mission Bay has four major activity zones: swimming areas, open speed areas, 5 mph areas, and special use areas. The special use areas include Personal Watercraft Only areas, Personal Watercraft Permit areas, and Waterski Permit areas. In addition to these activity zones, certain beach areas have special rules. For instance, there are four waterski takeoff/landing zones. Only users that are actively participating in waterskiiing are allowed to use these areas. Two of these areas operate under different rules depending on the time of year. For these reasons, it is important to read the posted signs carefully. Extensive explanatory signs are posted at boat launches and further information is available at Lifeguard Headquarters.



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