Newport Harbor Navigation
33░35.3'N - 117░52.7'W 
Newport Beach, California USA

This is only for your general information and in no case be used for navigation!

Newport Harbor is located about 17.5 nautical miles south of the Los Alamitos entrance to Long Beach Harbor and 64 nautical miles northwest of Point Loma. It is a dredged lagoon fronted by a 3 mile peninsula with the harbor entrance at the east end. There are two piers seaward of the peninsula, the Newport Pier extends 800 feet and the 950 foot Balboa Pier is 2.8 nautical miles west of the west jetty.  Prominent features include the tall office buildings 1.4 miles north of the harbor entrance, Memorial Hospital from the south of the entrance, .3 miles N of the turning basin (which is at the west end of the harbor) and 4 miles NE of the channel entrance.  

    The harbor entrance is from the East between two jetties that are 275 yards apart and marked by lights with the fog horn and radio beacon on the west jetty.
    #1 Bell Buoy - flashes white . - (dit dah)
    #3 West Jetty flashes green every 5 seconds (36 ft)
    #4 East Jetty flashes red every 4 seconds (25 ft)

The main channel is 20 feet deep and runs from the entrance to the turning basin. It is made up of the Entrance Channel, the Corona Del Mar Bend, the Balboa Reach, the Harbor Island Reach and the Lido Isle Reach. The Balboa Island North Channel should be a depth of 10 feet.

Lat/Long:  33°35.3'N - 117°52.7'W                     Fog Horn:      1 blast every 30 seconds  (3-second blast)
Radio Beacon:    285kHz

Bridge:    A road bridge extends from North at Pacific Coast Highway to the Back Bay/Newport Dunes area with a 20 foot clearance at mean high tide over the main channel.  All other bridges are very low and allow the passage of only the smallest boats.

Dangers:  There is a sunken wreck marked by a lighted buoy 75 feet from shore on the north side of the bend between buoys 6 and 8. Sandbars do build up, so stay to midchannel. Newport Harbor could also be known as Anchorage except that Alaska took the name first. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in limited visibility weather as there are hundreds of boats on anchorage and maintain the 5 mph limit.

Harbor Patrol: Monitors channels 12 and 16 and is located on the east side of the harbor about a mile from the entrance. They have boats that patrol the harbor. The harbormaster's telephone is 949/723-1000.

 Again, this is for general purposes and in NO case should any of the above information be used for navigation!  Charts are available everywhere and you should use them.


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