Oceanside Harbor Boating Facilities
33░10.73'N - 117░24.00'W
Oceanside, California USA

Harbor Patrol: The Oceanside Home Port- Harbor Police operate 24 hours and their building is slightly to port once past the motel. The address is 1540 Harbor Drive North and the Harbor Staff will assign you a guest berth. You can tie up at the guest slips and walk to the office. They monitor Channel 16 and talk on 12. Telephone 760-435-4000

Guest Slips: There is no anchorage at Oceanside. Oceanside Yacht Club will reciprocate guest slips and the Harbor District has about 25 guests slips available. The Harbor Police are located in the white building on your left hand side as you enter the harbor at 1540 Harbor Drive North and the Harbormaster will assign you a guest berth. You can tie up at the guest slips and walk to the office. They monitor Channel 16, 15 and talk on 12. They can accommodate boats up to 51 feet and water and electricity are available as are newly renovated shower and restroom facilities.  Visitor slip fees are $1.00 0per foot per day. They will reserve for 24 of their transient slips, the remainder being available on a first-com, first-served basis.  For more information call 760-435-4000. The pump out station is located at the fuel dock.

Launch Ramp
:  There is no charge for using the launching ramp or for parking boat trailers in parking lot number 1, east of the railroad tracks. Pay parking lot fees in the launch ramp area are $5.00 from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., $10.00 from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., a total of $15.00 per day. A boat/RV wash down area and pumpout station is available free of charge.

Bait Dock:  Live bait can be purchased at the live bait receiver located near the fuel dock.


Fuel Dock:  Fuel, ice, beer, soft drinks and other provisions are available at the fuel dock.  Hours vary with the season.  Check before going. Tel: (760) 722-5853, Fax: (760) 722-2264


Oceanside Harbor slips are 26, 34, 43, and 51 feet in length. Side ties and end ties are available up to 100 feet. Rental rates are $10.10/$11.30 per foot per month per month, with fees based upon hull length or length of slip, whichever is greater. Slips are single and water/electric are included dockside.

There are a limited number of liveaboard permits available in our Harbor at an additional charge of $2.60 per foot per month. There is a waiting list for liveaboard permits.

Dinghy racks are available at a charge of $4.00 per month for slip permittees and $66.00 for six (6) months for non-slip permittees.  Lockers are available for $16.50 per month to slip renters only.

Yacht Club
Membership is in the under $500 range, but they say their hospitality and friendliness are world-class. The clubhouse is two levels of multipurpose rooms, a comfortable lounge and deck overlooking the harbor, and a dining galley. Every day of the year, the Pacific Ocean provides some of the best drama to be found in any theater. You, too, can enjoy the Yacht Club's panoramic view of Oceanside Harbor and the majestic mountains of Southern California from our gateway to the Pacific Rim.  1950 Harbor Drive North, Oceanside, California  92054, voice: 760-722-5751, fax:    760-722-0239


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