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Bottom Cleaning & Dive Services
Boat Lettering and Graphics
Canvas & Upholstery
Electronics & Communications
Marine Mechanics

Sails & Sail Lofts

Marine Vessel Maintenance Engineers, Electronics, Graphics, Mechanics and Related Trades & Services

Marine Vessel Maintenance Engineer (n.) (Mar'ine/Ves^sel/Mian'te*nance/En'gi*neer):  a person
who does all the stuff on your boat that you once thought was great fun.....besides its PC!

Don’s Boat Service
- We have been servicing the boating community for over four years with competitive prices and proven reliability. I currently have several divers that can handle all your needs. We pride myself on work well done and I pay my divers about 20% more then average to make sure that my customers get the best work possible. I also do minor maintenance such as changing props, and other below the water line type of work. We clean the hulls and maintain the zincs in order to prevent corrosion. So in short, we do very good work and we are dependable, I have found that most boat owners are looking for just that sort of thing. They have enough other things to worry about with a boat, let me worry about the bottom part for them.  To schedule an appointment or f
or more information, please email or give me a call at 760-214-7536. 
Boat Lettering and Graphics
Welcome to LB Graphics,  where you will find virtually anything you might want in the way of graphics and lettering for your boat, personal watercraft, race car, street rod, aircraft, snowmobile, RV or commercial business signs. Don't pass by our Library of Designs for all sorts of applications and don't forget to take a look at our Links pages for other related products, services and just plain fun
Canvas & Upholstery
Arrow Canvas provides quality work for you in a timely manner at a fair price. We protect you and your boat from the elements.  From Sail covers to dinghy covers to dodgers to bridge covers to interior cushions, and we can make covers for your residential needs
Electronics & Communications
Seven Seas Electronics, serving the boating community since 1978.  Service & Installation for Power  &  Sail  Boats including Air Condition Systems, Auto Pilots, Cellular - Satellite, Circuit Panels, Computers; Assistance, Servicing,    Upgrades, Engines, Generators, GPS, Navaids, Radars, Radios:  SB / VHF / SAT / DSS, Repair  &/or  Replace Sails, Wenches, etc, Solar  Heating, Solar  Electric Generators, Wind  Electric Generators and  Much  More ... 
Marine Mechanics
Brian Tansey - Engines, Transmissions, Refrigeration, Sanitation and Water Systems - "I have worked on literally thousands of boats throughout Southern California harbors and  have over 30 years of experience, bringing you only the best job at the right price!" 

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