Oceanside Harbor Navigation
33░10.73'N - 117░24.00'W
Oceanside, California USA

Navigation Information: (this intended as general information and NOT to be used for navigation purposes, check you charts before entering the harbor)

Located 1.2 miles northwest of the pier, the entrance to both Oceanside Harbor and the Del Mar Boat Basin (Camp Pendleton Marine Corp facility) is between 2 jetties, the long west jetty forming the entrance basin and the short east jetty, both marked by lights. It should be entered on an angle from the Whistle Buoy. Don't cut it short on the right side, it gets a sand bar and waves break near the east jetty. Inside the jetty, there is a buoy separating the harbor entrance channel slightly to the right and the Del Mar Basin channel to the left. 200 yards farther in is a white and orange buoy marked "submerged jetty". Pay attention to this and stay to the right. The main channel is also marked by buoys on the north side, a light on the end of the rocks extending from the Oceanside Marina Suites and a day beacon off the south jetty at the harbor entrance. This is a tricky harbor to enter at night for the first time because of the confusing background lights and even trickier when the seas are rough. Swells roll into the harbor entrance at an angle and wave action and shoaling can lead to harrowing experience. When in doubt or in rough conditions, contact the Home Port-Harbor Police on Channel 16 or 12 and they will be happy to assist you. Better than pulling you off the jetty! At the motel, the channel goes left and right, you must make a decision. To the left is the Oceanside Yacht Club, to the right, the fuel docks, straight ahead, the guest docks and a bit to port, the Home Port-Harbor Police office.

Fog Horn: (located on end of the East jetty) - 2 second blast every 20 seconds
Oceanside Whistle Buoy - "2" Flash - white every 2.5 seconds
West Jetty Light - "3" Flash - green every 2.5 seconds
East Jetty Light - "4" Flash - red every 5 seconds
Channel Entrance Light - "6" Flash - quick flash, red
Avalon, Catalina (268 magnetic, 46 miles)
Isthmus, Catalina (273 magnetic, 56 miles)

This information is for general interest and not intended as an aid to navigation nor should it be used to navigate by.  Use your chart, that's what they are for!

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