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Race Results Try Scuttlebutt,  a digest of yacht racing news, commentary, opinions, features, dock talk, typos and ads.

Or Sailing World

Or, great site for racing news
Transpac 2009
America's Cup - the official site

Around Alone 

Clipper 2002 Round the World
Key West Race Week
Newport to Ensenada Race
NOSA (Newport Ocean Sailing Association)
Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association
International Sailing Federation (ISAF)
PHRF San Diego

PHRF Southern California
Southern California Ocean Racing Association
Southern California Yacht Association
United States Sailing Association
USOCUnited States Olympic Committee
Yacht Racing Union of Southern California

One Design & Fleets

Antrim 27 - Home Page - Home Page
  B&R 23 - Home Page - Home Page
Capri 25 - Home Page
  Chrysler Sailing Association - Home Page
International Finn Class - Home Page - Home Page
Fireball International - Home Page - Home Page
Hobie - North American Class Association
Hobie 33 - North American Class Association
International 14 - Home
International 505 Class - Home Page - Home Page
International Laser Class Association
    North American Laser Class,ILCA, N. Amer. Region
    Agrupacion Laser  - Argentina 
    Deutsche Laser Association - Germany
    UK Laser II Class Association Homepage
International Soling Class - Home Page
International Snipe Class - Home Page - Home Page
J Boats -  24 Assoc - 30 Assoc - 80 Assoc - 105 Assoc
Olson 30 - Nat'l Assoc. Home Page
Windmill Class - Home Page - Home Page

Boat Rating Schedules
PHRF Northern California
PHRF Southern California

Yacht Racing History
A 1984 Olympic Yachting Retrospective

An in-depth look at the XXIII Games Sailing by Ted Hinshaw

2000 US Olympic Sailing - Team, Diaries, a look back

Ullman Sails
We invite you to take advantage of the expertise you'll find in our worldwide network of sail lofts, each locally-owned and operated by master sailmakers. They're ready to help you reach your sailing goal.

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Start Sequence

Warning Class flag(s) Displayed Gun Warning
5 minutes
or P,I,Z, Zw/I or black flag
Gun 4 minute
Prep Flag(s) Removed Horn 1 minute
Start Class Flag(s( removed Gun GO
Race Information  Flags
HailFlag.gif (233 bytes) Come Within Hail
AbandonFlag.gif (293 bytes) All Races Abandoned
IndvividualFlag.gif (259 bytes)    Individual Recall
ReverseFlag.gif (268 bytes) Reverse Course
ShortenFlag.gif (241 bytes) Shorten Course
ChangeMarkFlag.gif (260 bytes) Mark Position Change
MissisnFlag.gif (318 bytes) Replace Missing Mark
PostponeFlag.gif (509 bytes) Race Postponed
GeneralFlag.gif (582 bytes) General Recall


2009-2012 Racing Rules

PHRF Southern California 
Class Rules

Boating Organizations

Yacht  Clubs