San Diego Harbor Anchorages 
32░39.10'N - 117░13'.50'W
San Diego, California USA

San Diego Bay is "anchor friendly" with many different areas in which to anchor. Anchoring permits are available a the Shelter Island Harbor Police facility at 1401 Shelter Island Drive or by phone at 619/686-6272 for obtaining permits and can be requested up to 90 days in advance.  THIS IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY AND YOU SHOULD CHECK WITH THE HARBOR POLICE BEFORE ANCHORING.  Call the San Diego Mooring Company at 691-291-0916 to inquire about any type of mooring ball situation. The designated anchorages are as follows:

La Playa Cove Anchorage

- Charted A1:   La Playa Cove is located in the Shelter Island yacht basin on the west side between San Diego Yacht Club and Southwestern Yacht Clubs.  Anchoring is permitted on weekends only and for a max stay of 72 hours between 0900 hours on Friday through 0900 hours on Monday.  If you've chosen a holiday weekend, anchoring is permitted for 96 hours (Friday holiday-0900 hours on Thursday through 0900 hours on Monday.  Monday holiday-0900 hours on Friday through 0900 hours on Tuesday.)   This is a small anchorage and a maximum of 25 boats are allowed.  If you are planning a raft-up, the limit increases to 40 boats.  All boats must have self-contained sanitation systems (port-a-potty, holding tank) and must show an anchor light after sundown.

Glorietta Bay Anchorage

- Charted A5:  The anchorage in Glorietta Bay requires no permit and has a max stay of 72 hours during a 7 day period.  It is located on the northwest side of the bay and can accommodate about 20 boats.   The area is marked by anchoring buoys and is small, do stay out of the channel.   There are some shallow spots, watch your depth meter. The speed limit in the bay is 5 knots.  This is a fun anchorage, with a golf course on the east, the town of Coronado within walking distance and of course, the grand Hotel Del Coronado.

SOUTH BAY ANCHORAGE   - Charted A8:  The A-8 anchorage is a free anchorage. In order to anchor in the A-8, the vessel must first secure a permit from the Bay Control Officer. A person may secure a permit by getting a vessel inspection from the Bay Control Officer or a designated Harbor Police Officer. The requirements for the permit are:
1. The vessel is currently registered or documented to the permittee;
2. There are the appropriate amount of lifejackets and fire extinguishers;
3. The hull is seaworthy;
4. The bilges are petroleum free;
5. The vessel has an operational marine sanitation device or other device for sewage retention.

The permits are valid for six months. After that, the vessel must be inspected again to re-new the permit. 

Cruiser's Anchorage
- Charted A9:  This anchorage is for visiting boaters, and you have to show proof that you live outside of San Diego County in person at the Harbor Police  at 1401 Shelter Island Drive to obtain a permit.  Permits are for 30 days at a time, up to 90 days in any one year period.
This anchorage is east of Harbor Island and the Coast Guard Station. Like all other anchorages in San Diego Bay, Cruiser's offers great views although shore services are not within walking distance.

MOORINGS:  The SD Mooring Company has taken over administration of the moorages from the Port. Their address is 2040 Harbor Island Dr., Ste. B116, SD and they can be reached at (619) 291-0916.
Moorings are available south of the Coast Guard Station, north of the Grape Street Pier No. 1 for vessels 20 feet to 65 feet in length. There are also transient mooring balls available strictly for transients. Transient mooring balls are good for a maximum of 30 days in a 45-day period. The transient mooring balls are on a first come, first served basis.  Applications are available at Port of San Diego Mooring Office, 2320 N. Harbor Dr., (619) 6227.




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