San Diego Harbor Harbor Patrol - Help!
32░39.10'N - 117░13'.50'W
San Diego, California USA

An emergency aboard can be a terrifying experience.  There are no practice runs....but having a crew that knows where the fire extinguishers are, where the life jackets are, how to deploy the life raft, the horseshoe and the man-overboard pole, basic first aid and where the first kit is, how to swim or at least tread water and how to use the radio help better your odds against tragedy.  Even at the dock, know how to use the fire hoses and where they are located.  A power boat a finger away and directly upwind from us caught fire.  It went up in 7 minutes, huge, hot 20 foot flames and gooey black plastic raining down on boats all around it.  Boat owners on the dock can be credited with saving the boats on either side and getting it under control, before the fire department arrived and even the Harbor Patrol got there.  There are a number agencies and services available in case of an emergency.  Use your radio and call on VHF Channel 16 and dial 911 if you have a telephone available.   Below are phone numbers that may be of use in the San Diego area.
U.S. Coast Guard San Diego Officer of the Day:
(619) 295-3121
U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, San Diego

San Diego Harbor Police
24 Hour Number:
(619) 686-6272
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary:
(619) 260-1515
There are several commercial companies that provide towing services. City of San Diego Life Guard Services:
(619) 221-8899
Boat/US (For Boat/US Members only):
Sea Tow:

Vessel Assist: 1-800-588-2128 or
(619) 223-3575

1-800-493-7869 or
(619) 221-9193

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