San Diego Harbor Transportation
32░39.10'N - 117░13'.50'W
San Diego, California USA

There has been many a time a crew member has helped to bring the boat back from the Ensenada Race and had to abandon ship in San Diego.  The boss wants his employee back, the significant others are getting antsy or somebody just couldn't take 10 more hours of motoring into the swells.  And there have been times on trips to San Diego that somebody had to work and came down later.   And worse case, no wind for the Ensenada Race and the skipper pulled the plug or the crew mutinied off La Jolla and DNF'd in San Diego.  Fortunately, there are a lot of transportation options available.  We've used the trains, buses, taxis and the trolley.  We've had crew members use the airport on occasion and one guy we know hot wired his wife's car and took off for home after waiting til 2 am in the parking lot.   But most land travel in and out of San Diego is much easier!

where's the plane......AIRPORT - San Diego’s international airport, Lindbergh Field, is located just northeast of Shelter Island, almost within walking distance, but cab  fares may vary but generally start with a $2.20 flag-drop charge and an additional $2.30 per mile. Most cabs have a limit of four passengers..  Directly across from Harbor Island, it is within walking distance. 

Airlines servicing San Diego include: Aeromexico 800-237-6639, Alaska 800-252-7522, American   800-433-7300,  British Airways 800-AIRWAYS, Canadian Airlines 800-426-7000, Continental 800-525-0280, Delta 800-221-1212,  Reno Air 800-736-6247, Southwest 800-435-9792, United 800-241-6522, US Airways 800-428-4322.

where's the train?TRAIN - The Train Station is downtown on Kettner Blvd. just west of Broadway at C Street.  Amtrak’s San Diegan runs between San Diego and Los Angeles 12 times daily, with four direct and three connecting runs to and from Santa Barbara.  The fare one way is about $40. The Coaster goes as far as Oceanside in North County.The fare is $6.20. From there you can also pick up the Metrolink, which will get you almost anywhere in Southern California.  We kinda like the trains, its a gradual ease back in to life on the hard, and what the heck, it is faster than the boat.

BUS - The main transportation center of Greyhound Bus Lines is at 120 W. Broadway, downtown, phone 619-239-3266. The information number is 800-231-2222. For local travel the San Diego County Transit System  - the bus will provide just what you need....a way to get there with no head.

where's the trolley?TROLLEY - The Trolley runs from the Mexican Border to Downtown and a little north on the Blue Line.  Downtown and to the east are on the Orange Line. The Blue Line has connections from the South Bay marinas.    Its an inexpensive ride and has served both sailors coming up from Ensenada and those going down who connect with the bus in Tiajuana.  The connection downtown can be reached by cab or local bus from Shelter Island and Harbor Island.  Fares for the trolley depend on how many stations you cross through and may require exact change so carry those quarters.  They run about every 15 minutes.

CORONADO SHUTTLE   The Shuttle runs from the "island" to downtown  and down the peninsula. Kids 5 and under go for free. There should be one by about once an hour.

CORONADO FERRY  The Coronado Ferry goes between Coronado and downtown every day. The ferry leaves Coronado every hour on the half hour and leaves the San Diego Broadway Pier (1050 North Harbor Drive; 619-234-4111/800-442-7847) every hour on the hour, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (and later in the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays). Ideal for those of you who just can't give up the ship and return to the hard.   The fare is $3.50 one way.

WATER TAXI  Want a your own ride across the bay?  San Diego Harbor Excursion water taxis operate from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and go all over the bay, down to  Chula Vista and the South Bay, over to Coronado, Harbor Island and Shelter Island . Price is $6 one way. For more information, call 235-TAXI.

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