Santa Barbara Harbor 
Harbor Patrol, Safety, Rules & Regs

34°23.8'N - 119°43.3'W
Santa Barbara, California

Harbor Patrol

Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol Officers provide security and law enforcement services to the Waterfront area. The harbor and marinas are maintained by regular foot, vehicle and boat patrols over an area consisting of 84 acres of water and 40 acres of land. All areas are monitored several times each day.

The Harbor Patrol enforces California Boating Law. This law addresses the equipment and operation of boats including the operation of a boat under the influence of alcohol. The Harbor Patrol also assists other agencies within the waterfront area with the enforcement of laws including local camping, drinking and drug laws.

The Santa Barbara Harbor shelters 1,133 vessels, both pleasure and commercial. A wide range of marine emergency and non-emergency assistance is needed. Ocean rescue in sometimes stormy conditions is common during the winter months. Assistance within the harbor is given by Harbor Patrol boats to vessels that need attention. The Harbor Patrol frequently tows boats outside and inside the harbor for emergency and non-emergency reasons.

The Harbor Patrol maintains two fire rescue boats and staffs for 24 hour a day response.

Harbor Patrol Mission Statement
Enforce laws, educate the public and provide emergency fire, medical and ocean response services to facilitate the safe and orderly use of the Waterfront Area.

Program Activities
ˇ         Provide emergency response seven days a week, 24 hours a day within the Waterfront jurisdiction.
Provide security and law enforcement in the Waterfront by patrolling the ocean and land areas.
ˇ         Enforce State and local laws.
ˇ         Coordinate operations with U.S. Coast Guard, Santa Barbara Police, Santa Barbara Fire, California Department of Fish and Game, and County Sheriff.
ˇ         Provide fire response and prevention services.

To contact the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol, please call (805) 564-5530


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