Santa Barbara Harbor Guest Slips, Moorings
and Marinas

34°23.8'N - 119°43.3'W
Santa Barbara, California

The following is a summary of the rates and fees effective July 1, 2010
(Resolution 05-062) 

(805) 564-5531

Berthing Fees:
20 Foot Slip $7.55/ft/mo 43 Foot Slip $9.24/ft/mo 90 Foot Slip $13.50/ft/mo
25 Foot Slip $7.92/ft/mo 45 Foot Slip $9.39/ft/mo 100 Foot Slip $14.65/ft/mo
28 Foot Slip $8.12/ft/mo 50 Foot Slip $9.74/ft/mo Side ties w/utilities subject to above rates
30 Foot Slip $8.30/ft/mo 60 Foot Slip $10.57/ft/mo Side ties w/o utilities $6.59/ft/mo
35 Foot Slip $8.66/ft/mo 70 Foot Slip $11.47/ft/mo Fisherman’s Floats $4.40/ft/mo
40 Foot Slip $9.01/ft/mo 80 Foot Slip $12.44/ft/mo Live-aboard Fee $140.00/mo

Slip Waiting List
$50.00 Lottery List Placement Fee
$40.00 Renewal fee per year (due every November 1)

Liveaboard Wait List
$25.00 per year

Administrative Fees

Slip Permit Transfer Fee
Vessel sale, slip permit reassignment or transfer, addition of partner to permit.
Slip Transfer: $200 - $275 per foot

Waiting List Slip Transfer Fee
When a permit has been obtained from a waiting list following vessel sale, slip permit reassignment or transfer, additions of partner. 5-year sliding scale. Please request details


Processing Fee: $50.00
A fee shall be charged for processing slip trades, new boat in slip, and addition of a spouse to slip

Impound Fee: $35.00
A fee shall be charged for impounding of vessels. Fee is in addition to towing, storage, and other reasonable costs incurred.

Non-emergency Fee

A fee shall be charged for Harbor Patrol services except for bona fide emergencies, at a rate based on the current Waterfront contact hourly service rates for manpower and equipment.

Duplicating Fee: $.20 per page
A fee shall be charged for all requested copies.

Non-Sufficient-Funds (NSF Check Fee): $25.00

Visiting or Transient Vessel Fees
Visiting berths, slips and moorings are intended to accommodate boats en route to and from their home port. There shall be a charge for visiting boats not having a regularly assigned slip, end tie, or designated mooring space subject to monthly charges as provided in this resolution.

Daily Visitor Slip Rates
$.90/linear foot/day
1. Base rate for the first 14 cumulative days
2. Rate doubles after 14 cumulative days
3. Minimum leave time 5 consecutive days to restore base rate
4. Commercial fishermen may remain at the base rate provided that
two (2) current DFAG fish tickets are shown every two weeks.
5. Day is 24 hours, commencing noon
6. No refunds
7. Payment is due in advance, fish tickets shown in advance.
8. Visitor stays over 28 days subject to penalty and citation.

1. The base visiting rates for such vessels utilizing visiting slips or moorings will be fifty cents ($.50) per lineal overall foot per day for the first fourteen (14) cumulative days in the Harbor.

2. Such vessels that remain in the Harbor for a period of more than fourteen (14) cumulative days will be required to pay two times the base visiting fee. A new fourteen (14) day cumulative period at the base transient rate shall start to run if the vessel returns after being absent from the harbor for more than five (5) consecutive days. In the case of commercial fishing vessels actively and solely engaged in commercial fishing, no days out will be required to remain at the base transient rate when proof in advance of slip registration in the form of two California Department of Fish and Game commercial fish tickets every two (2) weeks is shown. If proof is not provided, the commercial vessel will be considered not actively fishing and subject to the fees charged non-commercial fishing vessels.


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