Alamitos Bay-Long Beach Marine Patrol
33°44.17'N - 118°07.22'W
Long Beach, California USA

Marine, Harbor Patrol & Coast Guard

The Coast Guard Station is located in Alamitos Bay on the East side of the Channel about 1500 feet past the bend. They monitor Channel 16 VHF.
The Long Beach Marina has two types of assistance with the Marine Patrol covering  the marina land areas. The Harbor Patrol secures the waters and are equipped for emergencies, such as fire, sinking boats or water pumpout.

Towing and Emergency Assistance

The Harbor Patrol/Rescue Boats make two types of tows: emergency or non-emergency. Emergency tows are free and non-emergency tows involve a towing fee.  Private towing companies also operate in the harbor.

Marine Patrol

The Marine Patrol is a unit of the Long Beach Police Department and provides specialized security patrol and crime suppression services to Alamitos Bay and Downtown Long Beach marinas and immediately adjacent locations and is primarily responsible for the protection of life and property. Marine Patrol officers are armed and patrol marina gangways and adjacent parking lots, parklands, beaches, and facilities, primarily by bicycle. Prevention and detection of crime within the marinas is their first mission. Marine Patrol Officers apprehend, transport, and book criminal suspects. They also issue citations, impound vehicles and boats, board and inspect vessels, and enforce marina regulations.
- EMERGENCY: 9 1 1     7/ 24 hrs  or 9 1 1 1 from dock phones
- Non-emergency patrol dispatch (562) 435-6711 24 hrs
- Administration (562) 570-3245 7am – 5pm
Fax: (562) 570-3249 24 hrs


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