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Check your Charts!  18751 & 18749

The Alamitos Bay entrance is marked by two stone jetties which enter the bay in a NNE direction. On the Western jetty is a 25 foot, 6 second green flashing light, also with a foghorn. The entrance is located approximately 030 degrees magnetic at 1.1 5 miles from the East end of the Long Beach Breakwater; and approximately 285 degrees magnetic at 1.1 miles from the Anaheim Bay  (Huntington Harbor) channel entrance.  

Take care when entering Alamitos Bay that you identify both stone jetties. One to port and one to starboard. The San Gabriel River sits directly on the Southeast side of the Eastern jetty. It becomes extremely shallow quickly, and its bottom is dotted with wrecks and rocky shoals. Therefore, enter Alamitos Bay only when you can identify jetties within 100 yards on both sides of your boat. 

The Alamitos Bay Channel is marked with a series of centerline buoys. Stay to starboard of this row when traveling in either direction. Also be aware that a silt pumping barge sometimes sits in the channel to clear out shoal areas. It is well marked with round yellow cans. Stay more then 20 feet from these cans as they are usually attached to hose hanging below the surface.

The speed limit throughout Alamitos Bay, including the entrance channel, is 5 m.p.h., strictly enforced by the Long Beach Marine Bureau patrol boats.

There is a fixed bridge across Marine Stadium with a fixed span clearance of 32 feet.  A fixed bridge with a clearance of 11 feet crosses the junction of W waterway and Marine Stadium.  A fixed bridge with a clearance of 11 feet crosses the E waterway off Marine Stadium that leads to a NE basin.  A fixed bridge with a clearance of 4 feet crosses the W waterway between Naples and Belmont Shore.  The five fixed bridges crossing the Rivo Also Canal on Naples Island have a least clearance of 7 feet and the power cable has a reported clearance of 55 feet.

                                       There  Back  Miles
Los Alamitos Entrance to:
Avalon                              190     010      25.5
Catalina Island, East End  186     006      27.5
14 Mile Bank                     148     328     

                                       There  Back  Miles
From Long Beach Breakwater  East End to:
Newport Pier                    
110     290    12.5
Point Loma                      131     311    80.0
Santa Barbara Light           239     059    47.0

Check your Charts!  18751 & 18749


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