Alamitos Bay-Long Beach
33░44.17'N - 118░07.22'W
Long Beach, California USA

Alamitos Bay is located at the east end of the Los Angeles-Long Beach breakwater, with quick access to both the open ocean and the more protected harbor waters, although protected doesn't mean the winds don't blow!  You can usually count on afternoon breezes above 10 knots.  Alamitos is home to  the Coast Guard Station.  The Alamitos Bay Marina is owned and operated by the City of Long Beach and was opened in the late 50s and has 1991 slips.  Some of this age shows but we understand there are plans afoot for improvements.  Parking for slip renters is by permit, don't get caught in the wrong car park lane without a pass from the office.  The fines are hefty.  Marine Stadium was built for the 1932 Olympics as the rowing venue and is still in use today, however, access is restricted by height limitations.

There are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the marina, some good, some typical tourist stuff, but Schooner or Later's breakfast "mess" is not to be missed.  Get there early however.  There is a grocery store, marine hardware store and other supplies also within walking distance.  A shipyard is located just south of the bridge to Belmont Shores.  Belmont is another fun place to explore if you have a bike with you or take a cab.  Its a bit of a hike.  A relaxing hour can be spent watching the kids in sabots and lasers during the summer sailing programs in the middle of the bay.  No wonder this area has so many Olympics participants.

The bay is home to several yacht clubs, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, Navy Yacht Club-LB, Seal Beach Yacht Club and Long Beach Yacht Club.



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