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Floating with 26lbs inside the Dry Tube
The Dry Tube is rated to carry 25lbs of weight. To satisfy ourselves, we filled up a Dry Tube with  an inside weight of 26 pounds and threw it off our dock to see if it still would float. And it did!
We  then dragged one around the harbor  with the following items inside the Dry Tube, over a 2 mile jaunt at 5 knots.  After the adventure, we checked out the contents...... they were dry as a bone.... 
  • A pair of Levis
  • A hooded sweat shirt
  • A pair of shorts
  • Two t-shirts
  • A Levi Shirt

  • and a beach towel

     With growing confidence,  we did the same test using my GPS, 35 mm camera and my new digital camera, items worth well over $1500 and the Dry Tube did what it is designed to do........
    Kept them safe and dry!

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