Chandlery (n) chan"dler*y def: (a) great place to spend money on the stuff your boat really needs, (b) provider of all the fasteners, rings, hoses, wire, nuts that you realize you just forgot to get,  (c) Ship chandler, one who deals in cordage, canvas, and other neat stuff............

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Dock & Fender
Electronics & Communications
Flotation, Signals & Safety Equipment
Ladders & Platforms
Lettering, Boat Names and Designs
Sails and Sail Lofts

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Lettering, Boat Names and Designs

Welcome to LB Graphics,  where you will find virtually anything you might want in the way of graphics and lettering for your boat, personal watercraft, race car, street rod, aircraft, snowmobile, RV or commercial business signs. Stop by our Library of Designs for all sorts of applications and take a look at our Links pages for other related products, services and just plain fun

Dock & Fender
Flotation, Signals & Safety Equipment

The Dry Tube dry storage container is truly an important addition to any boat, big or small. Ideal for keeping sensitive gear like radios or cell phones dry in a small, wet boat, it also is ideal as a float for swimming to and from the boat with belongings that must stay dry.  Its hydrodynamic design with the towing leash makes it a breeze to go to and fro in the water.  That's why boaters everywhere are saying that 
The Dry Tube is:

Welcome to
C - Level

They are constantly developing new ideas into marine products that "Take the Work out of your Play" --  check into our docks from time to time! Cheers! 

4 N Aft
the ONLY Quick Tie Down and Release Dock Line in the World!   The fastest and easiest way to tie your boat to the dock and release it.  Featuring the quick release 4N-Aft handle.  They really work.... We have 4 on our boat......

Ladders & Platforms

Whether you cruise, day sail or race, mast maintenance is a chore that cannot be overlooked.  If it is, you will pay the price in time and money, or worse!  Mast Mate  can be rigged in five minutes and climbed in less.  No more winching, no more scouting the dock for help, no more not quite being able to reach the masthead.

Electronics & Communications

Seven Seas Electronics
, serving the boating community since 1978.  Service & Installation for Power  &  Sail  Boats including Air Condition Systems, Auto Pilots, Cellular - Satellite, Circuit Panels, Computers; Assistance, Servicing,    Upgrades, Engines, Generators, GPS, Navaids, Radars, Radios:  SB / VHF / SAT / DSS, Repair  &/or  Replace Sails, Wenches, etc, Solar  Heating, Solar  Electric Generators, Wind  Electric Generators and  Much  More ... 

BoatAntenna, The antenna is part of your life support system during an emergency. Reliability should be the main decision factor in purchasing your antenna. The radio and antenna act as one system that must perform in all weather conditions and at maximum range. Simply put, having a good radio with a poor antenna does not give you the best odds when you are in a distress situation. BoatAntenna believes that Digital Antenna has the best and most reliable product on the market -- one that beats the competition in both gain and distance, resulting in an increased safety margin.

Sails and Sail Lofts
Rival Sails: "Custom Sails, Recuts, and Repairs" by Neil Pryde Sails and Patrick A. Telfor, your knowledgeable representative. We build all Neil Pryde Sails to your specs from American Sailcloth.  Fast, easy to trim shapes for Racers and maximum durability for Cruisers.  We employ the latest proven technology, give a 2 year warranty on every sail and take a personal interest in every customer.

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