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Travis of Mystery Tramp's "The Ocean is a Woman" CD is genuine boat music inspired by the people, places and adventures of the shakedown cruise from San Francisco to Mexico and Baja cruising aboard the self-built 44' steel cutter, Mystery Tramp.
Travis will have you sipping cervezas and humming along as he takes you south of the border with his fresh blend of cruiser country rock served with a dose of sea salt and a squeeze of lime in the storytelling spirit of Jimmy Buffet, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, and Jerry Jeff Walker.  He will also soothe you soul like the ocean and make you laugh, then other times inspire you to chase your dream.  Unique amongst nautical oriented music CDs "The Ocean is a Woman" CD includes "A Visual Voyage by Emily", a collection of images in a digital photographic slideshow format vividly depicting the story of what a cruisers life is like.  Be sure to visit their website , a journey full of adventures in music, photography, cruising (sailing), and life.  Listen to a cut from this great CD:  Chasing a Dream    The Ocean

Eileen Quinn - Music for Sailors and normal people.........Early on in her sailing adventures, Eileen discovered that there wasn't a lot of music describing the life she was experiencing. The traditional sea shanties don't do it. She began writing songs about the really important, but neglected aspects of cruising: how anchoring leads to marital breakdown; why weather forecasters shouldn't be trusted; what it is about comfortable harbors that seems to scuttle any plans to leave.  ..we're slow even by corrected time although we're often near the front of the buffet line, takes us a while to sail very far but we strike like lightning at an open bar, gotta, gotta, gotta regatta...She's got two great albums and yes, she is still sailing and living the
cruising life.

Charts, Navigation and Sailing and Boating Software

Have you ever taken a navigation class or are you planning to take one?  If so, you need the  Coastal Navigation Tool.  No more frustrating formulas to remember like "East is Least" or "True Virtue Makes Dull Company" or when to Add - when to Subtract. Now with the turn of only two dials, you can make Corrections of Variation and/or Deviation and find the Correct Course to Steer  instantly.


Mariners Log™, a Windows 95 based, icon driven, Vessel management software, designed for boat owners, who demand comprehensive features.  Mariners Log™, Shareware version has been donated to Mariners, Ship 936,  A Sea Scout unit, of Orange County Council, BSA. located in Dana Point, California. For the exclusive use and distribution as a fund raiser for the continued support and development of the Mariner program.

Learn to Sail! with Multimedia! is an interactive sailing training program on CD ROM chock full of music, narration, animations & video clips demonstrating all aspects of sailing, such as wind theory, the points of sail, how to predict the weather, read charts, use a compass and tie nautical knots. The program runs over 500 megabytes, fully utilizing the CD media. Topics include Parts of a Boat, Small Boat Handling, Weather, Basic Piloting, Rules of the Road and Knots and Cordage. The target audience are beginners to intermediate, ages 8 - Adult. 

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Perfect for the foredeck, lovely at anchor, a mooring or the dock!  Your own hamaca..........

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