Sailors Choice
Ship's Store, Chandlery, At the Dock & Off to Sea!
4 departments providing the boating community with the items and services you want

Ship's Store
(n)  (a) a way to get the stuff you want while you are on your boat, using your boat or thinking about your boat,  (b) Purveyors of cool nautical stuff, (c) practical stuff,   (d) a place to find new and unique items.

In The Galley:  Food, Beverages, Provisioning Supplies, Cook Books, Galleyware
The Locker Clothing, Footwear, Foulies, Sailing Sunglasses & Other Garb
Treasure Chest:  Nautical Jewelry, Gifts, Stationary, Calendars & Artwork, Nautical Antiques
Off Watch!  Books, Music, Charts, Navigation Software & Supplies

(n) chan"dler*y def: (a) great place to spend money on the stuff your boat really needs, (b) provider of all the fasteners, rings, hoses, wire, nuts that you realize you just forgot to get,  (c) Ship chandler, one who deals in cordage, canvas, and other neat stuff............
In the Chandlery
lDock & Fender
lElectronics & Communications
lFlotation, Signals & Safety Equipment
lLadders & Platforms
lSails and Sail Lofts
lSails: Repairs & Maintenance
l Lettering, Boat Names and Designs
                       Come In
At the Dock 
for the upkeep, maintenance, care and feeding of your vessel, its tenders and equipment that makes it go.....
At the Dock
lCanvas & Upholstery
lDinghy Repair
l Lettering, Boat Names and Designs
lSails & Sail Lofts
lSails and Canvas Cleaning
lSanitation Service
lYacht Maintenance                                        Welcome Aboard
Off to Sea  self-explanatory...
however, here are opportunities to fulfill the dream of a lifetime, take that vacation you've longed for & the means to do so.....
Off to Sea
Sailing Expeditions                                     
Welcome Aboard
....(e) the English call the place where goods are sold (however large or splendid it may be) a shop (Ship's Shop?)

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