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Amberella - This is the ongoing story of a planned circumnavigation, which started in 1998. After a year of rebuilding the boat, some sailing trips in the Aegean sea in Turkish and Greek waters we have learned that not all our dreams, especially time planning and budget could be made possible.  Nastasja, Nina, Frank and the cat
Eileen Quinn - Music for Sailors and normal people.........
Early on in her sailing adventures, Eileen discovered that there wasn't a lot of music describing the life she was experiencing. The traditional sea shanties don't do it. She began writing songs about the really important, but neglected aspects of cruising: how anchoring leads to marital breakdown; why weather forecasters shouldn't be trusted; what it is about comfortable harbors that seems to scuttle any plans to leave. 

 ...the perfect little parking place is easy to find
all you really gotta do is read his mind, if what your honey wants is hard to tell, when the hand signals fail you can always yell....grind your teeth, shout till you're hoarse, there's always one more step, you can file for divorce, no better way to test a true romance than to do, do, do, do, the anchoring dance.
She's got two great albums and yes, she is still sailing and living the life of a sailor.  And the Anchoring DanceClick for a taste of the tunes... 

Amelia - Karen Thorndike, according to Guinness...."...the first American woman to sail solo around the world...."  Circumnavigation from 4 August 1996 - 18 August 1998, starting and finishing at San Diego, California, USA
Anja K - destined for a year of cruising South awaited cruise from Adelaide to Turkey and then...? Don, Anja, Keith & Catherine
Avon of Arne - In the summer of 1995, after some years of planning and preparation, my friend Sarah and I gave up our jobs in the City of London to take a year off and sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. The original plan was to do the standard "Atlantic Circuit" and sail the boat back to England the following year. But when we were there, we liked it so much that we decided to leave the boat there, go home to earn some more money, then come back and carry on. Caribbean
Blue Moon - A 46' wooden ketch designed and built by Rob and Jo. We left New Zealand in 1995 to cruise the islands of the South Pacific. Our travels have so far taken us to Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Australia, and now back to New Caledonia.  Rob and Jo Woollacott, Circumnavigation
Borean - As they say, "Nothing, and I mean nothing, goes to weather like a Mack Truck".  The adventures of Jim and Janette Laverdiere from Montreal to Florida and then the Caribbean aboard their CS33.
Botany Bay - Welcome to our updated web page about the adventures of the S/V Botany Bay, a Cruising Cal 35' with information, pictures, and details of the voyage from Southern California to the Marshall Islands. David and Lisa Zielke
Canopus - a Hans Christian 33.  Sailing solo across the Atlantic, This is the story of a single-handed cruise from Bermuda to the Azores, by someone who did not have much experience, but fulfilled his dream...Jean Michel Coulon.  Trans-Atlantic Solo
Dream - We are a group of young people who will circumnavigate the world in the good vessel S/Y Dream. This will take 3 Years (1999-2002)
Frangancia - a 38 feet long Hallberg Rassy sloop, circumnavigating the world. Lars Akerholm and Birgitta Nordstrom-Akerholm, now in Queensland.
Gli Gli - Follow  a 35-foot dugout canoe, on its journey from Dominica south through the island chain to  Guyana, on a voyage intended to raise the awareness of and to Caribs and other indigenous peoples
Global Inventure - Welcome to the home of Inventure circumnavigation of the world - a conquest of the worlds perceptions.  Trevor Jones aims to be the first quadraplegic to sail around the world. 
Go West - Helen and Jim Boswell sailed a 1988 Island Packet 38 from the West Coast of the US to the South Pacific 

A double ended, 42 foot, wooden, gaff rigged cutter, from Georgetown, Maine at the end of July, 2000 to the Panama Canal, on to the Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, the Caribbean and back to Georgetown, Maine.  The Sheltons, Justin and Stewie.  Circumnavigation

Jenny P
Here's Jenny P, a 1984 Hans Christian 33T, both our home and our weekend cruising companion.  We've completed our voyage to Alaska and are now back in Seattle...preparing and dreaming of our next journey.  Michael and Jenny

- Joe Siudzinski is a retired engineering director, a life-long multihull sailor on San Francisco Bay, and now the owner of a Seawind 1000 cruising catamaran named KatieKat. Joe and his wife Kathy are recording their open-ended cruise from Sydney (Australia) on their website. You are cordially invited to visit the chronologies.

Kerry Deare
s/v Kerry Deare of Barnegat is a 28 foot sloop designed by Carl Alberg
and built in 1981 by Cape Dory Yachts of Massachusetts, includes logs and voyages to the Caribbean and along the Eastern Seaboard of the USA

Kialoa II
Sailing on Kialoa II, a 73.5' aluminum hull sailboat,  homepage for Frank and Cynthia Robben, Retired from sailing, Kialoa II has a new owner!  But enjoy their sailing in the South Pacific.

We are Nicolas (9), Mathieu (7) and Lucas (4), each a year older since we started this voyage. Our house is in Seattle, USA but our home away from home is our forty-seven foot Sailing Vessel called "Kyrnos." We want you to come along with us on our adventure--a two year cruise around the Pacific Ocean. Oh, we had to take our parents along too! 

La Boatique
- Susan and Peter Wagner aboard their Island Trader 41' left Port Clinton, Ohio in May of 1998 and have just passed through the Panama Canal heading for the South Pacific on their circumnavigation

We spent four years circumnavigating the globe on a 33' catamaran. Alayne has written an honest, real-life account of our adventures in "Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran". A book for sailors or armchair adventure seekers, it will provide thrills, laughter, tears, anger, introspection and doubt. Chapters included on web-site.  Alayne and Alec Main

Mandolin - Todd and Ellen Mandeville aboard a Cal 34 have made it down the coast of North America and into the South Pacific on their circumnavigation 

In 1995 I set sail aboard my 40-foot Mason-designed ketch, Markenurh -- a North American Indian word of the Kwagiulth band meaning Killer Whale -- on a voyage of discovery. Circumnavigation. Marc Edge

This site chronicles the adventures of the sailing Vessel "Nai'a", a Hans Christian 43, cruising Mexico and her crew, Bob and Kristin Beltrano. 

  - After 26,000Km NANOU's path into Rome is blocked. But the intrepid rubber ducky makes it up the rapids into old Rome. Circumnavigation

- Circumnavigation.  

Northern Magic
From Ottawa, Canada, Diane Stuemer, her husband Herbert and their three sons are circumnavigating

Yacht Obsession is currently being sailed around the world by Michael Harpur and Jayne Gibson. The yacht departed Rosslare Ireland on June first 1996 and returned in 1999. The planned route circumnavigated via the Caribbean, Panama canal, French Polynesia, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Mediterranean before returning

- Circumnavigating,
halfway around on a Westsail 32', Chris and Stephanie, Indian Ocean February 2001

Out of Bounds
This is the story of the 46' sailboat Out of Bounds and her 936 day journey around the world that was completed on May 26, 1999.  Bill, Alex and Jeff made up the core crew

Pacific Bliss - We invite you to share in our dream of circumnavigating the globe in a 43-foot catamaran.  Soon to cross the Panama Canal to the Pacific-February 2001. Lois and Gunter Hofmann 

- Achim, Ericka and now Antonia from Europe to the South Pacific since 1993

Peer en sel de Schuyer - Peter & Sylvia had designed and watched their cruising boat being built and now are sailing European and Nordic waters

A 33' Cutter rig, our aim with this site is to share news of our travels and experiences as Puffin carries us around the world.  Robert Woodley and Louise Cook

Rainbow Chaser
Tringriz. a 33' Roberts Spray, cruising Australia and environs, Tony and PJ

Jan & Signe Twardowski have sailed their Sundeer 64 up to Alaska, turned the boat around, "wintered" in Zihuantanejo, then sailed across the Pacific in 2002 and Raven
is now happily docked in Auckland, New Zealand. We will probably cruise Fiji, Tonga, etc. in the next few years..  

Robin's Nest
This web-page was created by Russ & Robin Barneveld. We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our ultimate goal is to follow Bruce Van Sant's "Thornless Path" to the Caribbean. On the following pages we share our process for getting our boat and ourselves ready for cruising and living aboard fulltime. You will also find several narratives covering cruises on the Great Lakes, Florida Keys, and the Caribe.

Salacia - Doug and Diane's logs and photos of their cruising experiences in the Caribbean and along the Gulf states

Henrik and Malla, a Finnish couple, together have sailed 30.000 nautical miles aboard Scorpio, a 43' Swan since 1992 and cleared in to 50 different countries or autonomous islands. Now in the Caribbean.

Sea Glass - Mike and Vicki Spinelli aboard their a 35 ft Hallberg-Rassy, from Newport Beach, California to the South Seas and Australia

This chronicles the experiences of Bob and Sally from Durban and  whilst cruising aboard their 'home' for five wonderful years. Travels took them from South Africa up the East coast of Africa (Mozambique, Tanzania, the mystical Zanzibar and Kenya), and then across the Indian Ocean to South East Asia where they cruised for several years.

-  a Magellan 36 Bluewater Cruising Ketch, bought in 1995 and sailed away to Mexico two months later. Since then Len and Char Cole have cruised her each year throughout the Sea of Cortez. Torn between their love for their little grandsons and the desire for extended cruising, they have offered her "FOR SALE."  Their hope is that someone will take over where they are leaving off, and sail her to a distant paradise.  She is currently (October 1999) in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico at Marina Real. 

Shadowfax - The Swirskis. Michael, Kathleen, Alec, Meghan, Caitlin, Bridget, and Tracey, all 7 of them aboard a Germania 40 Center Cockpit, and their adventures down the west coast of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez

Simmer - From the East Coast of the US and around, now in crossing the Indian Ocean and around the Horn.  Colleen & Pat DeGroodt aboard their 35' circumnavigating the world

Sounding Free
Scott Diener, Dave Boatman and assorted crew aboard a Westsail 32, have sailed the South Pacific for 3 years and are currently in New Zealand

Sunflower - For the majority of the past three decades Al and Beth Liggett have been doing what most of us only dream about - cruising. Since 1966 they've sailed over 145,000 miles, circumnavigated two-and-a-half times (once westabout and once eastabout). For the last 24 years the Liggetts have been cruising aboard  a 42-foot Robert Perry design which they commissioned.

Temptress - Clark and Birgitta Willix in PV, Mexico in February, one leg of their circumnavigation

This is a very personal description of the sailing trips with the S/Y Thetis, based on the boat's logs in Greek and Turkish waters from 1996 when I ventured further to Malta and Sardinia. The logs are illustrated with photographs, and include some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited as well as several links to related web sites.

Walk About
Lorenzo and Annalisa circumnavigation of a young Italian couple with pages that translate to English

Windom -
These are the adventures of Britt and Ilana aboard the sailing vessel Windom, a Caliber 40 LRC, in the Caribbean.  There's always room for another virtual stowaway!

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