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This page is intended for information and entertainment only and should not be used for medical advice. You should know by now that's what HMO's, PPO's and MD's are for!

Seasick? Ron and Liz have found the cure! At least 3 or 4 even, and when you're better, how 'bout some halibut? Other suggestions, try these tips from the guys that dive the seas.

Hypothermia Know what to do and what equipment is available to save a life...... 
Hypothermia Prevention, Recognition and Treatment. Articles, Protocols and Research on Life-Saving Skills.

What is this stuff I'm taking and just what does it do? Find out about pharmaceuticals, generic and brand name, and do any of them cure seasickness?

What you should know before you go, geographically and information on what currently can make you sick, visit the Center for Disease Control Travel  

Travel Medicine and Tropical Medicine by Dr. Alan Spira will tell about malaria and other maladies

Now meds available to the cruiser as well as the professional, Shoreland Travel Health Online puts it all together

Got questions, MedicineNet has the answers......

Basal Metabolism? What is it and what is yours?

Body/Mind training doesn't just feel good. It lets you do weird stuff that impresses your friends and is hard  to explain.


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