Wet on the Outside..... Dry on the Inside.....

A Revolutionary Dry Storage Solution
For Use IN or Out of The Water.....

    The Dry Tube dry storage container is truly an important addition to any boat, big or small. Ideal for keeping sensitive gear like radios or cell phones dry in a small, wet boat, it also is ideal as a swimming companion for swimming to a boat from shore or vice versa with belongings that must stay dry.  Its hydrodynamic design with the strong swimming  leash makes it a breeze to go to and fro in the water.  That's why boaters everywhere are saying that The Dry Tube is:

only $58.00 
with free shipping in the Continental US

The inventor of the dry tube, who is an experienced water man, was under sail to Tahiti when he realized the need for a better, more versatile water-proof container.  One that would be ideal in an emergency and just as useful when going to and from shore, whether swimming or in a skiff going through surf. We have found the many uses of the dry tube to be limited only by your imagination. 

After returning to the States, he spent a lot of time and money perfecting the Dry Tube, which we are now introducing to you.  If you are a boater, a diver, like to kayak, white water raft, or just go to the beach, the Dry Tube should be part of your outing.....

 Remember, whether you are going to or from shore in a dingy or sailing around the world the dry tube is for you.
Protect your valuables, paper and electronics.  Keep one packed for emergencies.  Great for all water and boating activities.

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