Steve Dills
24843 Del Prado #451
Dana Point., CA 92629

Hull Cleaning, Painting, Prop Replacement, Zincs
Underwater Recovery

Steve has been diving boats for 20 years and
has been a recreational diver for 25.  He likes
it!   He personally dives all his clients' boats.
One of the things Mel taught him was that if
you want the job done right, do it yourself, 
thus his personal motto   "I dive the boat 
boat myself for you, the client".  If you 
want your boat cleaned on time, be kept up
date on its condition and be made aware of
any problems, give Steve a call.  He'll do the
worrying for you.

How often should I have my bottom cleaned?   That's the question that Steve gets asked the most and the answer is simple, when it needs it! But when it needs it depends on a number of things including the condition of your bottom paint, the temperature of the water as well as how clean or dirty the water is and how salty it is, how often the boat is taken out of the slip and whether or not you liveaboard.  And the only one who can tell you that is your diver! All you have to do is ask!
E-mail your questions to Hey, Mr. Diver!

I was up early one Saturday morning, putzing around as I normally do, checkin' the sunrise, filling the water tanks and doing a little boat maintenance.  After all, somebody's got to wax the boat and Juan was still keeping the whales out of the harbor with his snoring.  I bent over the dock step and heard a ka-chink, ping, plop.  You got it, the chain was laying there nicely on the step while I watched my charm glide out of sight underwater. My heart sank as fast as the little sloop, and as I dialed Steve's number, I glanced at the clock, 0646 hours, kinda early for a wake up call!  Obviously this man does miracles, the picture is the proof!   But let me tell you, he did it on the very first try!  And with a smile, he came up from the murky depths, hand held high in the air and certainly saved my day. 
                                                             Thank you, Steve

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