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You should  be proud to show your bottom in public! A clean hull that is!  Instead of a smooth, clean hull cutting through the water, marine growth creates drag and reduces your speed. Tests show a fouled hull can increase fuel costs by 20-25%!! Considering the extra weight algae and other marine growth contribute to fuel consumption, keeping a clean hull is just smart boating.  And protecting your boat's underwater gear and engine from corrosive, electrolytic action should be a concern for all boaters, regardless of the waters where the boat is operated. To reduce damage, anodes (zincs) should be used that sacrifice themselves by attracting the electrolysis away from expensive equipment and parts—hence the name, "sacrificial" anodes or zincs.  A good maintenance service schedule will include regular inspection and replacement of your zincs.  

In Dana Point Harbor In Marina del Rey, Channel Islands and Ventura Harbors


Hull Cleaning, Painting, Prop Replacement, Zincs
Underwater Recovery 949-493-6762

Bottom Cleaning, and specializes in Zinc and propeller installations, recoveries of lost objects and underwater surveys of boat bottoms.
310-822-8200 & 805-385-4222

Don’s Boat Service
- We have been servicing the OCEANSIDE boating community for over four years with competitive prices and proven reliability.Most boat owners have enough other things to worry about with a boat, let me worry about the bottom part for them.  To schedule an appointment or f
or more information, please email or give me a call at 760-214-7536. 

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