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We at Sailors Choice know about ocean glare and the damage that can be done to your eyes during a day outdoors and especially, on the water.  To say nothing of headaches, missed marks and even the seasickness that can be caused by too much sunlight, especially reflecting off the water.  We have found that Ullman Sunglasses are  a superior product, manufactured in Italy and France with decentered lenses to provide the highest level of polarized protection, and providing a light weight frame designed to eliminate pressure on nose and ears, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100%  UV protection, 100% polarized lenses to eliminate glare, high contrast yellow brown lenses to cut through the haze dark gray for maximum comfort or, green gray offering excellent darkening and neutral color management, and hydrophobic coating to repel water from the lenses The surgical rubber nose pads and temple arm grips keep sunglasses in place even on hot and humid days

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"Close Outs" the new styles for 2006/2007 are in from the factory. We are closing out discontinued styles at reduced prices up to 50% off, limited to stock on hand. For a great deal check out these styles.

"Block Series" are some of the finest the industry has to offer.  Made from Aluminum Block, these hypoallergenic frames offer excellent levels of both performance and comfort for those who prefer the sharp look of metal frames. These glasses have the new Ullman Polarized multi-layer lens technology. with 9 layers of the most advanced film, coatings and optics, US Pro+ lenses are the highest performing lenses on the water and anywhere else for that matter.


"Classic Cup" models are designed in the pure tradition of premium sports sunglasses.  The US 86, 87, 88 and 89 are new for 2008. They pay tribute to the artistic skills of craftsmen who cut and shape the frames by hand directly from a single piece of hardened acetate. The use of this exceptional space-age material with its advanced hypoallergenic qualities means that Ullman Sails Sunglass frames can be adapted to conform to the many shapes and contour's of the wearer's face. This contour shaping quality is combined with most advanced, state of the art technological solar protection, polarized, polycarbonate lenses.


"Yachting Spirit"  sunglasses are crafted completely by hand, assembled from brushed aluminum frames, extremely light and will never to rust. Ideal for both men and women who are looking for sunglasses that combine state of the art technology with a fashion styling and ease of use.  "Yachting Spirit" models symbolize the authentic yachting lifestyle. 


The "Olympic Series"  are performance sunglasses designed by racing professionals to withstand the intense demands of competitive sailing. They offer a collection of features including durable lightweight frames as well as lenses offering exceptionally high quality optical and coverage from the harmful glare caused by direct & indirect sunlight. These glasses are ideal for all types of boating and outdoor activities, protecting your eyes and allowing better vision.


  Prescription?  Now you can get a high performance, wrapped polarized sunglass from Ullman Sails in prescription!  Our insert fits neatly inside the US 7 giving you the ability to have your RX put into a high performance sunglass. No more compromising on your eye wear.