Ventura Harbor Navigation
34°14.3'N - 119°16.9'W
Ventura, California

This is only for your general information and in no case be used for navigation

Local Notice to Mariners

Lat-Long:  34°14.3'N - 119°16.9'W
Radio Beacon:  314 kHz     .. - /- -

Harbor Location & Description: 
Ventura Harbor is  located 23 nautical miles south of the city of Santa Barbara  and 6 nautical miles north of the Channel Islands Harbor. It is a man-made harbor located on Pierpont Bay.

Harbor Entrance:  The entrance to the harbor is between two jetties, both lighted with a fog horn and radio beacon on the south jetty.   Dangerous swells can occur during winter months with a prevailing westerlies.  Take a direct course between the entrance whistle buoy 2 and the breakwater entrance.

Because of frequent dredging and improvements in the design of the harbor
entrance, it has never been safer to transit the harbor entrance. Some "local
knowledge" will also be helpful. Enter or exit only via the main entrance,
between the two jetties. The area behind the breakwater is designed as a Sand
Trap and is subject to severe shoaling.

The entrance buoy "2VU" is located approximately ˝ mile off the entrance. The
prudent skipper always keeps this buoy to the starboard when entering. This
keeps him or her away from the mouth of the Santa Clara River, ˝ mile south
of the entrance. As one of the largest naturally running rivers in Southern
California, this river provides a tremendous amount of sand to the local
beaches. Unfortunately this can create heavy surf conditions far out to sea.

Again, this is for general purposes 
and in NO case should any of the above information
be used for navigation!
Charts are available everywhere
and you should use them.


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