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Marine Forecasts
Pacific Surface Analysis  Current Forecast  IR Eastern Pacific (including tropics) California Pressure Gradient Table  
San Diego NWS San Diego, CA Pacific Surface Analysis  Forecast 24 hrs from now  Interactive Marine Buoy Observations-- For So. Calif. Pressure Gradients for California  
National Weather
Service Forecast Los Angeles/Oxnard
Pacific Surface Analysis  Forecast 48 hrs from now  1 Km Visible over Southern California
( Daylight only)
Sea Level Pressure Analysis  
Southern California Marine Forecast 
Jet Stream Analysis & Forecast West Coast Sea Level Pressure (satellite pic) 
Marine Weather San Francisco
Alaska Bristol  Peninsula
& Bay  
Chinak Bay   North Gulf Coast   
Southeast Alaska &
Eastern Gulf Coast  
Southwest Alaska & Aleutian Islands  Western & Arctic Alaskan Coastal Waters 
Coastal and Inland Waters-Washington Arkansas-
Red Basin River
Chesapeake Bay Northeast USA
Southern USA Tropical Weather On-line
Marine Weather
National Weather
Service Welcome Page
Marine Forecasts & Satellite Images-NWS

What do all those little squiggles and arrows mean on the weather chart? Thanks to UCSD, you can find out on the Weather Station Plot and Common Weather Symbols page they host. thanks!

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